College Liaison

College Liaison


Isothermal Community College
286 ICC Loop Road
Spindale, NC 28160
Phone: 828-286-3636

Job Location

Spindale, NC


Commensurate upon direct experience


Full Time Benefits

Job Category

  • Professional

Application Period

Opens: Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Closes: Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Target Start Date

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Expected Work Hours

Monday- Friday

Employment Type


Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree, demonstrated ability to build relationships within an education setting; plan, organize, and implement programs and services; and provide tracking and assessment to ensure quality and commitment to the learning-centered environment.

Preferred Qualifications

Master’s degree, experience in secondary and/or postsecondary education, working knowledge of Datatel/Colleague, knowledge and practical application of student/career development theory and knowledgeable in all aspects of the student experience to include coaching, mentoring, advising, student/career services, and progression.

Position Description

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  2. Serve as liaison to facilitate the integration of REaCH students into the academic and student life environment of the College
  3. Serve as the primary communication link between REaCH faculty/staff and the College to ensure College services for high school students are delivered to support student success
  4. Make recommendations regarding College policies and procedures that affect REaCH
  5. Inform College administration of student discipline issues that affect College course attendance and activities
  6. Attend REaCH faculty meetings, school assemblies, REaCH and College commencement ceremonies, and other school-related functions
  • Recruitment and Outreach
    1. Assist with REaCH college and university visits, etc.
    2. Assist with REaCH recruitment and enrollment efforts
  1. Advising and Registration
    1. Serve as advisor and provide registration and enrollment services for REaCH students
    2. Maintain accurate and adequate student records to assist in advising and registration of REaCH students
    3. Coordinate with REaCH to plan/schedule College classes
  2. Support Services
    1. Coordinate support systems to assist student success
    2. Adapt and teach ACA 122 College Transfer Success for REaCH  
    3. Facilitate coordination between the College’s Disability and Career Services Counselor and REaCH students
    4. Arrange and assist with placement assessments and provide interpretation for REaCH students and personnel
    5. Organize REaCH textbooks and advise REaCH personnel regarding textbooks and required materials
    6. Coordinate activities for REaCH freshmen to provide resources to develop college readiness skills and communicate expectations
    7. Monitor student progress in College classes and coordinate with students, parents, REaCH personnel, and College instructors to develop plans for success
    8. Develop and implement an assessment plan to evaluate the College instructional component of REaCH
    9. In cooperation with REaCH personnel, update the REaCH handbook to reflect collective policies for REaCH students
    10. Recommend procedures for maintaining compliance with local, state, and federal guidelines
    11. Participate in webinars and meetings for Cooperative Innovative High Schools
  1. Facilities and Infrastructure
    1. Coordinate the use of facilities and classrooms between REaCH and the College
    2. Evaluate facility and infrastructure needs for REaCH and make appropriate recommendations
  2. Other duties as assigned


Career and College Promise (CCP) Responsibilities (Secondary)

  1. Advising and Registration
    1. In coordination with College staff, maintain accurate and adequate student records to assist in advising and registration of Rutherford County Schools (RCS) students
    2. Assist College staff with efforts to provide information and orientation for RCS families regarding CCP opportunities
    3. Collaborate with College staff and RCS personnel to determine eligibility for RCS students who would like to enroll in a CCP program
  1. Student Records and Assessment
    1. Assist College staff in maintaining accurate records of student enrollment in CCP programs
  2. Curriculum Development and Coordination
    1. Assist with cooperative planning efforts to align secondary and postsecondary expectations
    2. Assist College staff with curriculum planning and scheduling between secondary and postsecondary subject areas to reduce duplication of courses and to maximize opportunities for successful completion of dual enrollment credit courses  
  3. Policy Development and Coordination
    1. Work cooperatively to develop a handbook that reflects collective policies for CCP students
    2. Assist in communicating policy information to students, parents, and College/RCS personnel
    3. Participate in CCP webinars and meetings
  4. Recruitment and Outreach
    1. Support outreach efforts involving high school students that raise awareness of opportunities at the College
    2.  Assist with enrollment of RCS high school students in CCP programs
  5. Other duties as assigned


Skills and Abilities

  1. Develop an understanding and appreciation of the mission, history, current programs, services and goals of Isothermal Community College
  2. Possess excellent skills for planning, organizing, and implementing new initiatives
  3. Ability to establish, cultivate, and maintain positive relationships with colleagues, students, peers, etc.
  4. Effective communication skills (written and oral) in a variety of settings with people from diverse backgrounds, educational levels, and age groups
  5. Ability to operate computer, mobile devices, and related software including Microsoft Office and relevant applications, and internet platforms.
  6. Possess a working knowledge of secondary and postsecondary education
  7. Independently perform complex tasks and prioritize multiple projects
  8. Ability to foster collaborative team-based work environment with a willingness to see tasks through to completion

How to Apply

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Job Post Contact

Tanya Jones