Accounting Technician

Accounting Technician


Fayetteville Technical Community College
2201 Hull Road
Fayetteville, NC 28303
Phone: 910-678-8400


Minimum starting salary $42,203.00 annually


State Benefits

Job Category

  • Technical/Paraprofessional

Application Period

Opens: Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Closes: Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Target Start Date

Monday, July 1, 2024

Expected Work Hours

8am-5pm M-F

Employment Type


Minimum Qualifications

An Associate’s degree from an accredited college with major course work in accounting or a closely related field; or equivalent.

Two years of increasingly responsible general clerical experience including one year of accounting clerical or related experience.

Preferred Qualifications

An Associate’s degree from an accredited college with major course work in accounting or a closely related field; or equivalent.

Two years of increasingly responsible general clerical experience including one year of accounting clerical or related experience.

Position Description

Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Sort receipts, balance, and receipt monies on-line to the general ledger.


  • Assume the full range of general cashiering functions as assigned, including preparing bank deposits.


  • Audit cash receipts and disbursements for specified accounts; balance and identify misuses.


  • Prepare and maintain accounts receivable and/or accounts payable records for assigned programs and activities; maintain NSF listing of bad checks/charges/write-offs as appropriate.


  • Code and enter information into the computer; run, reconcile, and balance reports.


  • Process accounts receivable; review, verify, and analyze account information, payments, and promissory notes. 


  • Participate in the researching of complex problems and discrepancies in student’s payment records.


  • Interpret and explain College policies and procedures relating to registration and student refunds to students and College personnel.


  • Process account adjustments and refunds for both curriculum and non-curriculum classes; calculate appropriate adjustments; issue refunds according to established guidelines.


  • Respond to requests and inquiries from faculty, administrative staff, and students regarding account dispositions; explain College policies and procedures related to assigned accounts; solve related problems and difficulties.


  • Process government and third-party payment billings, balance accounts, and reconcile discrepancies as necessary with students, College personnel, and third parties.


  • Review past due accounts and process files according to established procedure, including preparing delinquent notices and submitting files to Accounting Manager to be submitted to collection agencies.


  • Correspond and confer with students to resolve fee payment discrepancies and to establish payment schedules.


  • Explain College collections and general accounting policies and procedures; review student circumstances and explanations to determine the need for further collection actions.


  • Update delinquent account balances; process delinquent accounts to be serviced by an outside collection agency; write-off outstanding balances which are too small to efficiently collect.


  • Process purchase and/or equipment orders; prepare requests for supplies and/or equipment; identify appropriate vendors and commodity numbers.


  • Audit and verify purchase requests to appropriate funds; ensure local, State, and federal guidelines are followed.


  • Enter purchasing information into the computer, print purchase orders, and make copies of attachments; disburse to appropriate departments.


  • Process invoices for payment; match invoice with purchase order and verify receipt of items and/or equipment.


  • Process credits to be applied to disbursements; maintain appropriate records and documentation.


  • Maintain bidders list and files.


  • Work with vendors, faculty, and administrative staff to resolve discrepancies with orders received.


  • Maintain vendor list and files.


  • Participate in the preparation and processing of accounts payable; establish vendor codes; research payment history of vendors; maintain, reconcile, and update monthly vendor statements.


  • Receive vendor billings; review, adjust, and extend changes; verify charges against computer printouts.


  • Research and verify accounts payable information; contact other College employees to reconcile discrepancies; respond to requests and inquiries by vendors and other members of the public.


  • Process voided checks through the accounting system and reissue as necessary.


  • Enter voucher documentation into the computer; type and batch manual checks; record and total batching; match voucher documents to computer checks for review by management.


  • Maintain various accounting records and reports for the College’s financial aid program including loans and scholarships.


  • Input data, assign account codes, make adjusting entries, and balance assigned funds and accounts.


  • Input approved journal entries into the Datatel system.


  • Monitor outstanding checks; send tracer letters to students; submit outstanding checks to be voided prior to check stale date.


  • Prepare applicable financial reports related to assigned area of responsibility.


  • Conduct account analysis; reconcile differences between accounting records and computerized reports and make necessary adjustments; allocate designated account expenditures.


  • Answer questions, advise, and coordinate with other departments and outlying locations regarding financial aid awards, activities, transactions, and related policies and procedures.


  • Sort and deliver mail within the Office of Business and Finance.


  • Perform related duties as assigned.

Job Post Contact

Gail Davis