Advanced Manufacturing Instructional Staff

Advanced Manufacturing Instructional Staff


Southeastern Community College
4564 Chadbourn Highway
Whiteville, NC 28472
Phone: 910-642-7141

Job Location

Whiteville, NC

Columbus County 


In accordance with salary plan



Job Category

  • Instructional (Faculty)

Application Period

Opens: Tuesday, September 28, 2021
Closes: Monday, November 1, 2021

Target Start Date

Monday, January 3, 2022

Expected Work Hours

M-F 8am - 5pm

Reports to

Dean of Institutional Effectiveness & Advancement

Employment Type

12 Month Contract

Minimum Qualifications

  • Associate degree in Electrical or Electronics Engineering, Automation/Robotics Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering Technology, or closely related field. 
  • Three years’ teaching and/or industry experience. 
  • Ability to provide effective instruction in the following areas: digital and analog electronics, robotics, instrumentation, automation, computer-aided drafting and design, programmable logic controls, motors and controls, electrical wiring and machining. 
  • Willingness to provide instruction to curriculum, continuing education, workforce training or other students which may be scheduled as day, evening, weekend or online options. 
  • Ability to use technology (i.e. Internet) to deliver instruction. 
  • Desire to participate in professional development activities, including those related to the use of critical thinking skills in instructional design and in student development. 
  • Commitment to the community college "open door" philosophy and the comprehensive community college concept. 
  • Desire to participate in community service activities. 
  • Willingness to participate in public school and university articulation, advisement, and recruitment programs of the College. 
  • Ability to carry out institutional effectiveness activities and participate in the life of the college (e.g. serve on committees, do advisement, participate in activities). 


Preferred Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical or Electronics Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Automation/Robotics Engineering, or closely related field.
  • Two years’ experience teaching one or more of the following areas: digital and analog electronics, robotics, instrumentation, automation, computer-aided drafting and design, programmable logic controls, machining and electrical wiring. 
  • Experience facilitating online instruction. 
  • Experience working in an industrial environment with an understanding of electrical systems, computer controls, mechanical systems and hydraulics and pneumatics in an integrated manufacturing system. 
  • PMMI Certifications in Industrial Electricity I and PLC I, OSHA Instructor Certification, National Electrical Contractor’s license, Lean Six Sigma, and NCCER Instructor Certification. 

Position Description

Provide quality instruction and services for student success. The primary role of faculty and instructional staff at SCC is to promote the educational attainment portion of the college’s mission.  As such, they are expected to create and maintain appropriately high academic rigor while simultaneously providing appropriate support to help students be successful.  Faculty/instructional staff are expected to maintain currency in their academic discipline and work to incorporate best practices related to teaching, learning, and student success.  As such, faculty assignments may include work during the day and/or evening hours, including weekends, and may be redefined or adjusted.  Faculty teaching assignments may include courses for high school students.  Courses may be scheduled at different locations within the county, including area high schools.

SCC strives to be the premier rural community college in North Carolina. Faculty are to pursue and maintain a current awareness of the College’s growth and engage in professional development, assisting in achieving the college mission and purpose through effective customer focus, college service, and willingness to assist as needed. 

Faculty should provide responsible academic support to the Division Dean.

Essential Duties:

  1. Advise students in the areas of career and academic planning and learning support.  Instructional Staff are expected be accessible to their advisees and engage advisees in a manner that promotes student success and reflects best practice. 
  2. Instructional Staff members are classified as exempt, professionals and will be expected to conduct instructional time within 40 hours of a workweek.  
  3. Participate in the development and implementation of departmental assessment/program unit strategic plans.
  4. Demonstrate a thorough, accurate, evidence-based and up-to-date knowledge of the assigned field or discipline and will participate in professional development activities that will support enhance knowledge in the discipline and stay current with changes in the field.
  5. Coordinate textbook decisions with program peers and supervisors.
  6. Develop new courses in conjunction with the Division Dean.
  7. Review needs for equipment, supplies and instructional materials and recommend purchases; supervises facilities for program area, if assigned, for proper use, safety, security, and maintenance and maintain a budget for the program.
  8. Conduct peer observations according to professional development system for both full and part time faculty.
  9. Teach assigned courses in curriculum or continuing education accordance with the published curriculum and course descriptions with an assigned course load to meet College guidelines, goals and objectives.
  10. Prepare, distribute, and submit syllabi and approved addendum for all assigned sections in accordance with program and division policies in curriculum or continuing education courses.
  11. Plan, organize and facilitate learning strategies to communicate subject matter for maximization of student learning and participate in professional development related to pedagogy and andragogy best practices.
  12. Modify, where appropriate, instructional methods and strategies to improve student retention, meet diverse student needs, and make referrals for students needing additional assistance.  Instructional Staff are expected to use Aviso to engage students and improve student retention and provide proactive outreach for students.
  13. Recommend to the Division Dean to the instructional programs included, but not limited to curriculum, textbooks, and instructional techniques, modes of delivery, equipment, hardware, software and facilities.
  14. Periodically evaluate and develop new curriculum and continuing education courses.  Revise and update existing courses for relevancy and currency consistent with the role and the mission of the College.
  15. Maintain face-to-face and virtual classroom environments conducive to student learning, engagement and retention.
  16. Demonstrate knowledge of and skill in completing computer operations necessary to instruction, advisement, and other College recognized forms of communication.
  17. Develop and maintain an electronic learning site for all assigned courses through the current learning management system, MOODLE.  Instructional Staff are expected to use the gradebook feature in Moodle for all courses.  This gradebook must be managed so it accurately reflects student grades within a five-day grading window for recent student assessments.
  18. Ensure all assigned online courses are in compliance with SCC and SACSCOC Online Standards.
  19. Organize course and subject matter to acquaint all students with course requirements including learning outcomes, methods of measurement and evaluation.
  20. Maintain accurate scholastic and membership records of students enrolled in classes and prepare and submit reports as required.
  21. Evaluate student performance fairly and consistently and return student work promptly to maximize student learning.
  22. Maintain confidentiality of student information per the College and FERPA guidelines.
  23. Submit a Personal Development Plan to the appropriate Division Dean annually demonstrating responsibility for professional and personal growth related to current knowledge in the field and best pedagogy and andragogy practices.
  24. Maintain accuracy in the assigned subject matter through involvement in professional organizations and attending or facilitating professional meetings, conferences, workshops, on-campus, and off-campus.
  25. Participate in professional development activities that will support and enhance knowledge in the discipline.
  26. Remain current with changes in the field and with state and national certification requirements.
  27. Ensure that all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards are met and comply with the General Duty Clause of the OSH Act to ensure that programs operate in a safe and healthful environment.
  28. Ensure that all Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards are met and remain current with the standards in the field.
  29. When necessary, will substitute, as designated by supervisor, for other instructors within the field in case of absence.
  30. Represent the College at community and outside organization functions/events and participate in outreach events to promote programs, courses, and the College.
  31. Participate in outreach efforts to promote of academic and workforce education programs to the community, participate in presentations to the community, local schools, and business and industry.
  32. Exercise stewardship of college facilities, supplies and equipment and maintain a budget for the program or courses being taught. 
  33. Serve in the academic and student tutoring and learning center.
  34. Teach community college students to include dual enrolled students, non-traditional students, low-income and first-generation students. 
  35. Teach courses at times that meet students’ and industry schedules to include evening, online and on the weekends.
  36. Post and maintain regular office hours to ensure accessibility for advisement and consultation with colleagues and day, evening and online students.
  37. Uphold the dignity of the profession by appropriate dress, behavior, maintenance of office and classroom environments, and communication.
  38. Sponsor student organizations, as appropriate and assigned, and participate in student-based activities.

Other Duties Specific to the Position

  1. Remains current in state and federal regulation requirements through professional development activities offered by the College and other opportunities including but not limited to: off-campus activities, webinars, conference, etc., as approved.
  2. Participates in discipline, departmental, divisional, and institutional meetings and other cocurricular activities of the College.
  3. Enhances communication with area high schools and serves as a liaison between area high schools and the College.
  4. Builds community and business relations.  Maintains regular, professional communications within the college and affiliated business and industry contacts.
  5. Coordinates career-oriented activities with program faculty/staff.
  6. Attends scheduled meetings and coordinate meetings for faculty/staff.
  7. Serves on and actively contributes to college committees as assigned.
  8. Provides administrative support for grant programs and proposal for new grants.
  9. Gather data and prepares reports for state, regional, national, and federal agencies as required.
  10. Conducts special projects and performs other duties as assigned.
  11. Willing to travel and participate in events during the day, evening and on the weekends.
  12. Performs other duties as directed by the Division Dean and Executive Vice President/Chief Academic Officer.

How to Apply

Excellent references from previous employers must be furnished upon request. The successful candidate must begin work on January 3, 2022. Salary is dependent upon qualifications, experience, and labor market. (Employment contract is for 12 months.) 

A completed Southeastern Community College application (located on the SCC website), a resume, letter of interest addressing the position requirements and college transcripts (unofficial copies of transcripts will be sufficient for the screening process, but official copies must be submitted prior to employment) must be submitted to the college Human Resources Office in order for applicants to be considered for this position.  Initial review of applications will begin 11/1/21.  Applications will be accepted until position is filled.

Applicants should send all documents and inquiries to the Human Resources Office, Southeastern Community College, P.O. Box 151, Whiteville, NC  28472.

An Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer


Job Post Contact

Bill Maultsby