Allied Health Coordinator

Allied Health Coordinator


Surry Community College
630 South Main Street
Dobson, NC 27017
Phone: 336-386-8121

Job Location

Main Campus (Dobson, NC)


Commensurate with education and experience.


Full-Time Benefits

Job Category

  • Professional

Application Period

Opens: Thursday, April 25, 2024
Closes: Friday, July 26, 2024

Target Start Date

Thursday, August 1, 2024

Expected Work Hours

Varies - Day/Evening/As required to support college systems.

Reports to

Director Allied Health Program

Employment Type

Full-Time Position

Minimum Qualifications

  • Must possess an unencumbered North Carolina RN license. 
  • Must possess a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. 
  • Must have at least two years experience as a registered nurse. 
  • Must have 2000 hours/ 1 year work experience in the provision of long term care facility services as demonstrated by: (a) working in a long term care facility licensed as a skilled nursing facility or a skilled nursing facility which is a distinct part of a hospital or (b) supervising or teaching students in a long term care facility or a skilled facility or a skilled nursing facility which is part of a hospital.

Preferred Qualifications

• Bachelors of Science in Nursing or Masters in Nursing or Education preferred.
• Experience teaching at the high school or college level or have taught previous Nurse Aide I and II courses.
• Familiarity of both federal and state guidelines regarding Nurse Aide I.
• Certified CPR Instructor.

Position Description

Job Description - Summary

The Allied Health Coordinator is responsible for assisting with program development, staff instruction/orientation, and student instruction.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

• Conducting in a professional manner all class hours as assigned.

• Teaching in both curriculum and continuing education Nurse Aide I and II programs as needed.

• Creating correct, professional syllabi that meets requirements, as well as, continuing education guidelines.

• Creating, administering, and accurately assessing substantive assignments and activities that require critical thinking.

• Available for student instruction in both day and evening classes with the possibility

of an occasional Saturday.

• Meeting classes on time and for the full duration of the published class time.

• Attending all mandatory divisional and college-wide meetings.

• Supporting and following college policies and procedures.

• Assuming reasonable responsibility for security, maintenance, and inventory of assigned equipment and supplies.

• Responsible for maintaining the security of all Nurse Aide I and II tests.

• Preparing and submitting accurate and precise attendance rosters, student grades, leave reports, and other assigned documents when due.

• Assisting with auditing Nurse Aide I and II records for compliance with DHSR and the NCBON.

• Substituting for instructors as needed and as assigned by the director.

• Participating actively in institutional effectiveness planning by identifying expected student outcomes, assessment means, and improvement strategies based on assessment results.

• Preparing supplemental teaching activities, such as developing supplemental Moodle course sites, collaborating with instructors as needed for counseling with students, referrals to accessibility services, tutoring services, and for facilitating help or review sessions outside of class time.

• Assist in the preparation of program policies.

• Assist in curriculum development, use of materials and equipment, and implementation of state and federal programs and procedures.

• Support faculty with ongoing revision processes, classroom procedures, and use of in curriculum as it relates to classroom procedures, instructional materials, equipment, and teaching aids.

• Assist with updating content of educational programs to ensure that students are being trained with equipment and processes that are current as mandated by state programs.

• Assist instructors/staff with methods to relate curriculum materials to specific subjects, individual student needs, and occupational areas.

• Assist with the allocation and organization of instructional supplies to be used by faculty.

• Assists with the development of tests that measure the effectiveness of curriculum, and use those tools to determine areas where students may need additional help to master content.

• Assist with preparing class schedules, staff assignments and clinical rotations.

• Perform other duties as assigned.

• Coordinate all instructional aspects of the Nurse Aide I and II programs including some supervision and mentoring of full-time instructors and adjunct instructors to ensure quality instruction that supports student success, as needed.

• Develop and maintain tools for documentation of required credentials and data associated with their instructional position.

• Work as a liaison between college and area healthcare agencies to ensure quality clinical experiences.

• Coordinate clinical agency usage including dates and times for clinical rotations.

• Document student/faculty compliance with facility/agency requirements.

• Use college processes and auditing tools to assist with the evaluation of classroom/clinical performance recommending changes to improve teaching and classroom management skills.

• Visit classroom and clinical sites to monitor staff/instructors and students to ensure program guidelines and excellent standards of performance are achieved.

• Participate in professional development activities in the staff member’s formally recognized area of expertise, such as attending or presenting at professional conferences, participating in summer institutes or short courses, auditing or taking graduate-level courses, and maintaining membership in professional organizations. o Participate in mandatory on-campus and off-campus professional development activities.

• Maintain continued competence as delegated by DHSR and the NCBON.

Participating in activities that promote the welfare of the college, such as serving on committees, preparing accreditation reports, mentoring new and adjunct instructors, recruiting for and marketing instructional programs, participating, revising curricula, or otherwise using the staff member’s academic expertise and skills in the service of the college.


Job Post Contact

Melonie Weathers