Associate Director of Nursing

Associate Director of Nursing


Haywood Community College
185 Freedlander Drive
Clyde, NC 28721
Phone: 828-627-2821

Job Location

Haywood Community College, 185 Freedlander Drive, Clyde, NC 28721


$69,144.00 - $89,303.00 Annually


Full comprehensive benefit package. HCC participates in the NC State Health and TSERS pension plans.

Job Category

  • Instructional (Faculty)

Application Period

Opens: Tuesday, February 6, 2024
Closes: Monday, April 1, 2024

Target Start Date

Monday, June 3, 2024

Expected Work Hours

M-F 8:00 - 4:00 with some variance

Reports to

Dean of Nursing

Employment Type

FT Administrative Faculty; Exempt; 12-months

Minimum Qualifications

The Region A Nursing Consortium Program Director must meet the following qualifications consistent with the regulations of the North Carolina Board of Nursing (21 NCAC 36 .0317 Administration):       

  • hold an active unencumbered license or multistate licensure privilege to practice as a registered nurse in North Carolina;
  • have two years of full-time experience as a faculty member in a Board-approved nursing program;
  • be experientially qualified, having clinical nursing experience, experience as a faculty member in a nursing program, and academic or nursing leadership experience to lead the program to accomplish the mission, goals, and expected program outcomes;
  • hold a graduate degree in nursing from an accredited institution;
  • prior to or within the first three years of employment have education in teaching and learning principles for adult education, including curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation, appropriate to the program director role. This preparation may be demonstrated by one of the following:
    1. completion of 45 contact hours of Board-approved continuing education courses;
    2. completion of a certificate program in nursing education;
    3. nine semester hours of graduate course work in adult learning and learning principles;
    4. national certification in nursing education; or
    5. documentation of successful completion of structured, individualized development activities of at least 45 contact hours approved by the Board. Criteria for approval shall include content in the faculty role in curriculum implementation, curricular objectives to be met and evaluated, review of strategies for identified student population, and expectations of student and faculty performance.

Preferred Qualifications

See required qualifications.

Position Description

The Region A Nursing Consortium Associate Program Director is the assistant administrator, leader, and advisor of a unique consortium program of study shared by Haywood Community College and Tri-County Community College.  

Haywood Community College opened in August 1965 with one curriculum program, Nursing. In 2023, thanks to the generosity of the Haywood Healthcare Foundation, a new, state of the art 16,000 square foot facility came online to expand, enhance and modernize the student experience while supplying critical healthcare professionals for the region. This building houses Region A Nursing Consortium (RANC) which started in 1981 to bring Associate Degree Nursing Education west of Asheville.  It continues through a consortium relationship between Haywood Community College and Tri-County Community College.  

 A transition in leadership will be taking place with the impending retirement of a long serving Dean. With the intention of a seamless transition, we are launching a search for an Associate Director of Nursing. This person will work alongside the current Dean; a true hands-on learning experience which will set this person, and the RANC program, up for continued success. If you are a current Dean, or perhaps have your career goals set to become one, this is an opportunity for you to strongly consider. It’s rare to have this robust, in-person training experience.

The plan with this role is that it will transition to the Dean of Nursing position. Upon that transition occurring, this position will not be backfilled. 


Essential Duties

  • Assist in ensuring continual compliance with North Carolina Board of Nursing (NCBON) rules and regulations and maintain approval status for the Region A Nursing Consortium (RANC). 
  • Assist in planning, managing and evaluating all aspects of the program including, but not limited to:
    1. Faculty teaching assignments and staff assignments,
    2. Curriculum development and implementation, with participation of faculty and students,
    3. Program admissions, recruitment, advanced placement, and outreach, with participation of faculty,
    4. The comprehensive program evaluation, with participation of faculty, staff, and students,
  • Participate in screening and recommend candidates for faculty appointments, assuring that all nursing faculty meet the requirements. 
  • Assist in maintaining faculty curriculum vitae on the NCBON form.  
  • Assist in communicating, reporting, and interpreting program requirements, objectives, and North Carolina Board of Nursing requirements to faculty, administration and other departments. 
  • Submit annual reports and other required reports to the NCBON. Coordinate development of program descriptive report required for continued Board of Nursing Approval.
  • Submits program changes to the NCBON at least 30 days before implementation. 
  • Assist in maintaining and disseminating RANC policies to administration, faculty, and students. 
  • Assist in ensuring that RANC policies are followed at both colleges. 
  • Assist in proposing changes or additions to RANC policies (based on faculty input, NCBON consultation, student input, or evolving conditions in the field).  These changes will be presented to the RANC Steering Committee for approval. 
  • Coordinate regularly scheduled meetings of the RANC Steering Committee (at least quarterly) and regular faculty/staff meetings. 
  • Assist in coordinating the admissions process at both schools to ensure clarity, fairness, and consistency. 
  • Ensure that published materials concerning the RANC are consistent, including but not limited to web sites, catalogs, and promotional materials. 
  • Maintain departmental syllabi for all RANC courses. 
  • Select, with faculty input, all course materials and coordinate with each college on the purchase of those materials by students.  Be responsible for the efficient use of those materials in all courses taught by all RANC faculty members, regardless of location. 
  • Present, as is necessary, program changes and program fees to the appropriate body at each college for approval in a timely fashion.
  • Participate in orientation for all new faculty members, as well as any ongoing required professional development for existing faculty. 
  • Assist in providing assessment data to each college as requested. 
  • Oversee program planning and reporting processes at each college and in compliance with NCBON. 
  • Assist in coordinating scheduling at each college to maintain consistency. 
  • Assist in cultivating and maintaining good relationships with all clinical agencies. 
  • Assist in maintaining up-to-date clinical contracts with all agencies used by the students. 
  • Assist in coordinating clinical schedules and student onboarding at assigned clinical sites as needed. 
  • Assist in the orientation experience for all new RANC students. 
  • Maintain a presence and regular office hours at each campus weekly for faculty and students. 
  • Teach selected courses on both campuses throughout the program of study as allowed by NCBON regulations. 
  • Assist in coordinating student and program events to include the annual pinning ceremony. 
  • Verify RANC students for Nursing Assistant II listing after successful completion of second semester, and verify RANC graduates of the Associate Degree Program to the NCBON or other states/territories.

How to Apply

The following is necessary for consideration:

  • Official Haywood Community College employment application online found at our jobs page: Please call Beverly Balliot with any questions or if you are unable to complete the online application for any reason. 
  • The application must be complete for consideration - do not reference resume. A resume is suggested but does not take the place of any questions or details that you need to provide in order to be qualified for the position.  Unofficial transcripts must be included for the application process. Most unofficial transcripts can be downloaded from college/university websites. Official transcripts of all secondary education must be submitted to Human Resources within 10 days of any offer of employment.  
  • References may not be a current HCC employee. Candidates must provide three professional references with email addresses.  At least one reference must be a current or previous supervisor.   
  • College screening committee is responsible for application review, interviews, and recommends the candidate to HR. Upon completion of the hire process in HR, President approval is required in the hire of a candidate.  
  • HCC is a tobacco free campus 

 Haywood Community College provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, genetic information, political affiliation or status as a covered veteran in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local laws. Upon request, the College will make reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities so that they may be able to perform the essential functions of their job unless doing so would result in an undue burden for the College.

  Haywood Community College (HCC) is part of the North Carolina Community College System and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). Founded in 1965, it is an open-door institution with the mission to foster an environment that meets the educational needs of the communities it serves, promotes student success in higher education and in the workplace, and facilitates economic development. This includes programs for Haywood County high school students through Career and College Promise and Haywood Early College. The college campus, a designated arboretum, boasts one of the most beautiful college campuses in the state with an iconic mill pond, a productive greenhouse, dahlia gardens, an orchard garden and a rhododendron garden.  

Job Post Contact

185 Freedlander Dr

Clyde, NC 28721