Computer Instructor

Computer Instructor


Pamlico Community College
5049 Highway 306 South
Grantsboro, NC 28529
Phone: 252-249-1851

Job Location

Pamlico Correctional Facility


Commensurate with experience and education


FT Benefits

Job Category

  • Instructional (Faculty)

Application Period

Opens: Wednesday, July 12, 2023
Closes: Friday, September 29, 2023

Target Start Date

Monday, October 2, 2023

Expected Work Hours

Based on class schedule

Reports to

Chair of Correctional Programs

Employment Type

Full-Time Permanent

Minimum Qualifications

Education: Master’s degree in computer information technology
Experience: Positive work history for at least 5 years.

Preferred Qualifications

Two years teaching experience preferred, particularly at a community college

Position Description

Under the supervision of the Chair of Correctional Programs, is responsible for teaching undergraduate courses and advancing academic excellence and student success; teach day classes as required; adhere to the departmental course guidelines; responsible for maintaining all required college records and participating in departmental, divisional, and college-wide advising and recruitment activities and assessment; and will assume other duties as required by the supervisor.
The position instructs incarcerated individuals in an introductory course in computer information technology that will provide them the skills needed for entry level employment upon release.

Academic Tasks
Teach classes as assigned.
Demonstrate that instructional goals and learning outcomes have been clearly setand defined.
Detail means by which instructional goals and learning outcomes have beenassessed and achieved.
Distribute and follow course guide/syllabus.
Demonstrate that timely feedback on tests, papers, and other assignments hasbeen adequately delivered.

Administrative Tasks
Participate in development of course objectives and learning outcomes and indevelopment/selection, and ordering of learning materials.
Take active role in development and implementation of academic discipline anddepartment goals.
Participate in scheduled program, division, advisory committee, and collegemeetings.
Adhere to policies, procedures, and deadlines related to position.

Learning Environment
Encourage student participation in class discussions and activities.
Convey enthusiasm towards students learning the subject.
Challenge students to think critically.
Demonstrate flexibility in responding to the needs of students, while adhering toprinciples of fairness.
Maintain a safe and orderly environment in the classroom and office.
Promote and practice sensitivity towards diversity.

Student Advising
Advise students in accordance with college guidelines.
Assess students’ prerequisites and competencies as appropriate.
Explain/discuss options for course selection.
Assist students in preparing schedules for registration.
Monitor students’ academic progress toward completion of academic goals.

Professional Characteristics
Demonstrate competency and currency within the discipline.
Treat students in a fair and consistent manner.
Communicate actively and positively with students, colleagues, staff, andadministrators.
Cooperate and works collaboratively as part of a team.
Participate in professional development such as workshops, conferences, andtraining.
Demonstrate curiosity for and receptivity to new ideas and change.
Demonstrate commitment to lifelong learning.

Campus Leadership
Participate in non-professional committees.

How to Apply

This procedure must be followed or application may be rejected. Candidates should submit: (1) signed Pamlico Community College application which can be obtained at the college website or by calling (252) 249-1851, extension 3005; (2) a photocopy of college transcripts, if applicable; and (3) a resume. The resume is not a substitute for a completed application; the application must include work history. If you have transcripts already on file, please specify. Incomplete applications will not be eligible for consideration, and all requested information must be received by the deadline date. Mail to Susan McRoy, P.O. Box 185 (5049 Highway 306 South for carrier deliveries), Grantsboro, NC 28529, or with position title in subject line or fax to 252-249-1622. Employment and selection procedures are outlined in Chapter 6 of PCC’s Policies and Procedures.

Job Post Contact

Susan C. McRoy
Payroll/Human Resources Technician
Pamlico Community College
PO Box 185
Grantsboro, NC 28529
(252) 249-1851 x3005