Construction Management Lead Instructor, Level 1 (Full-Time)

Construction Management Lead Instructor, Level 1 (Full-Time)


Surry Community College
630 South Main Street
Dobson, NC 27017
Phone: 336-386-8121

Job Location

Main Campus


Commensurate with education and experience



Job Category

  • Instructional (Faculty)

Application Period

Opens: Thursday, April 8, 2021
Closes: Friday, August 6, 2021

Target Start Date

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Expected Work Hours

As required to support the program.

Reports to

Mr. Forrest Lineberry, Executive Director of Workforce & Community Education

Employment Type


Minimum Qualifications

Associate in Applied Science program areas and experience in the construction field. Strong communication & organizational skills. Ability to work with administration, faculty, and staff of the college as well as the students.

Preferred Qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Construction or related building trades field. Experience instructing adult learners

Valid General Contractor’s License

Completed Quality Matter Teaching Online Certificate or equivalent certification

Position Description

The Lead Instructor is expected to provide leadership for the program and the College. It is expected that Lead Instructors perform their duties in the spirit of cooperation with the Director – Engineering Technologies . The duties of the position should be performed in a timely manner in consultation with the Executive Director of Engineering Technologies and VP of Workforce, Technologies & Community Education.

The Lead Instructor teaches and is responsible to the appropriate Director for these duties.

1. Planning and Evaluating the Instructional Program for Curriculum and Workforce Technologies and Community Education programs.
a. Coordinating the instructional program through regularly scheduled advisory program meetings with a minimum of one meeting per academic year, preferably in fall. Minutes of each meeting should be distributed to the VP of Workforce, Technologies & Community Education and the Director of Engineering Technologies.
b. Participating actively in the planning process with the Director, meeting regularly with members of the program to discuss plans for student outcome measures and use of student outcome measure results as related to instructional improvement and operational planning. Entering planning data in the College’s planning software.
c. Updating the Director on course revisions, course development, software changes, textbooks, and any other issues impacting the quality and viability of the program.
d. Assisting with the annual program audit (ensuring accuracy of hours scheduled, for example).
e. Developing ISAs and maintaining them, if applicable.

2. Recruitment
a. Leads the recruitment efforts for the program and coordinates with the Director and the enrollment department
b. Assists the Director in updating program’s promotional literature and website for accuracy.

3. Reporting Responsibilities
a. Contributing to the development of the program review report in coordination with the Director and VP of Workforce, Technologies & Community Education.
b. Preparing and maintaining tentative budgets for equipment, supplies, travel, etc.
c. Maintaining program-related equipment and labs.

a. Conducting in a professional manner all class hours as assigned by the course schedule and academic calendar.
b. Creating correct, professional syllabi that meet Faculty Syllabus Checklist requirements.
c. Creating, administering, and accurately assessing substantive assignments and activities that require critical thinking.
d. Meeting classes on time and for the full duration of the published class time.
e. Posting office hours each semester, providing copies for the Director and VP of Workforce, Technologies & Community Education, and meeting all posted office hours.
f. Attending all mandatory divisional and college-wide meetings and graduation ceremonies.
g. Notifying the Director as soon as possible in the event of illness.
h. Maintaining alternative educational activities which students may use in the event of faculty illness.
i. Supporting and following college policies and procedures.
j. Assuming reasonable responsibility for security, maintenance, and inventory of assigned equipment and supplies.
k. Preparing and submitting accurate and precise attendance rosters, student grades, book orders, leave reports, and other assigned documents when due.
l. Assisting in the selection of textbooks and maintaining updated text information.
m. Substituting for other faculty members as assigned by the Director and VP of Workforce, Technologies & Community Education.
n. Participating actively in institutional effectiveness planning by identifying expected student outcomes, assessment means, and improvement strategies based on assessment results.
o. Properly submitting assignments and the resulting student artifacts when selected for college-wide General Education Assessment.
p. Preparing supplemental teaching activities, such as developing supplemental Moodle course sites, referring weak students for tutoring, consulting with students, and facilitating help or review sessions outside of class time.

a. Providing accurate academic advising to students whenever needed.
b. Participating in advisor in-service training.

III. COLLEGE SERVICE: Participating in activities that promote the welfare of the college, such as serving on committees, preparing accreditation reports, mentoring new and adjunct faculty, advising SGA-approved student organizations, recruiting for and marketing instructional programs, participating in faculty governance, revising curricula, or otherwise using the faculty member’s academic expertise and skills in the service of the college.

a. Participating in mandatory on-campus professional development activities.
b. Participating in professional development activities in the faculty member’s formally recognized area of expertise, such as attending or presenting at professional conferences, participating in summer institutes or short courses, auditing or taking graduate-level courses, and maintaining membership in professional organizations.

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