Coordinator – Student life, Success, Learning & Outreach Head Coach – Men's Basketball

Coordinator – Student life, Success, Learning & Outreach Head Coach – Men's Basketball


Gaston College
201 Highway U.S. 321
Dallas, NC 28034
Phone: 704-922-6200

Job Location

201 Highway 321 South

Dallas, North Carolina, 28034


Depends on Qualifications



Job Category

  • Professional

Application Period

Opens: Wednesday, March 20, 2024
Closes: Tuesday, October 1, 2024

Target Start Date

Monday, July 1, 2024

Expected Work Hours

Full-Time Regular Staff

Employment Type

Full Time

Minimum Qualifications


  • Bachelor’s degree from a nationally accredited institution required.


  • Strong interpersonal communication skills required.  
  • At least two (2) years’ coaching experience at the collegiate level.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop competitive athletes.
  • Demonstrated academic success of previously coached student-athletes
  • Demonstrated sport leadership. 
  • Exemplary ethical conduct and conformance to athletic governance rules and regulations
  • Proven ability to collaborate, effectively communicate, and work independently.
  • Must be able to multitask by working on various assignments at the same time.
  • Must be able to build rapport with diverse populations.
  • Proven ability to collaborate, effectively communicate, and work independently. 
  • Must be able to multitask by working on various assignments at the same time. 
  • Must be able to build rapport with diverse populations. 
  • Excellent time-management skills and ability to prioritize and meet deadlines required. 
  • Detail-oriented. 
  • Strong computer skills with a working knowledge of general office, multimedia, and computer equipment.  Proficient in all Microsoft Office software programs 
  • Understanding of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) preferred. 
  • Valid driver’s license required. 

Physical Requirements

  • Generally, works in a traditional climate-controlled office environment and requires the ability to sit for extended periods.
  • Some walking, standing, and bending, with the ability to lift and maneuver items weighing up to 25 pounds required. 
  • Athletic events may involve hot and cold temperature conditions.  
  • Work environment can be stressful at times in dealing with a wide variety of challenges and deadlines.
  • Travel for recruitment, games, practices, and various events, including evening and weekend work hours.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Master’s degree from a nationally accredited institution preferred. 

Position Description



Open until filled-

In general, a Coordinator – Student life, Success, Learning & Outreach is responsible for optimizing student and organizational success through performing a combination of duties and responsibilities in various disciplines such as Learning Resources Coordination, Academic Advising, Instruction, Student Success, Marketing & Outreach, Special Projects, Intramural Programs, and/or Fitness Center Coordination. This role includes Head Coach - Men’s Basketball, which also supports the overall mission of the College, but specifically supports the mission of the College’s athletics program. Gaston College’s D-I men’s basketball program competes in Region 10 of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA).


Head Coach - Men’s Basketball


The Head Coach – Men's Basketball is responsible for leading, guiding, and directing activities associated with the operations of the basketball program including supervising and developing assistant coaches, practice planning, game preparation, game execution, coaching and teaching the knowledge, skills, techniques, and strategies to optimize player abilities and development and team competitiveness. The Head Coach is also responsible for recruitment, conditioning programs, monitoring academic performance and student life and development, and fundraising activities. Responsible for coordinating summer and other camps and clinics, and ensuring compliance with institutional, regional, and National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) rules and regulations.



1. Learning Resources Coordination 

  1. Under the direction of the Learning Resources Department, coordinate learning resource activities to support student success. 
  2. May supervise tutors and learning center assistants, including work-study students.? 
  3. Present workshops, deliver classroom presentations, provide directed learning activities, and/or the development of additional academic support. 
  4. May administer tests and must maintain the integrity of testing materials.? 
  5. Coordinate the Rhinos Athletic Academic Program (RAAP). 

 2. Academic Advising

  1. Under the direction of the Learning Resources Department and in collaboration with the Advising Department, follow established academic advising protocols and provide appropriate academic advising, career guidance, and academic support services to optimize academic and career success. 
  2. Maintain current knowledge of applicable academic programs and requirements. 
  3. Assist with developing an educational plan that clarifies educational goals to optimize success and support degree completion (i.e., graduation). 
  4. Advise students on content and structure of academic programs and answer questions to support degree completion and the transfer process to a 4-year college or university. 
  5. Evaluate transcripts for transfer students to determine academic and other eligibility and provide academic/program advice to optimize student academic success to meet goals and objectives.? 
  6. Maintain a working knowledge and ability with student retention systems such as Early Alert, monitor the system, and document student interactions regarding academic requirements and status, course selection, and expectations. 
  7. Promote internal communication and resources with a priority on student success.? 
  8. Stay abreast of career opportunities, requisite education and training, and assist students with establishing educational and career goals. 
  9. Participate in student success activities to promote student persistence and retention.? 
  10. Participate in orientation and registration events as requested. 

3. Instruction

  1. Under the direction of Academic Affairs and/or Economic and Workforce Development and the applicable division or department, prepare, deliver, and evaluate courses/classes, as assigned as per credentials.  
  2. Provide quality online, classroom, and lab instruction to optimize student learning and outcomes through effective teaching strategies by presenting information, ideas, and skills appropriate to a variety of learning styles. 
  3. Foster a teaching and learning environment that supports student success and equitable opportunities for all students. 
  4. Provide students with the approved course syllabus, plan learning experiences that are appropriate for the student to successfully achieve the course objectives and relate instruction and evaluation to the syllabus. 
  5. Create and maintain course documents such as online instruction, class sessions, learning activities, exams, etc. as appropriate for assigned courses/classes. 
  6. Maintain records and databases regarding student attendance and academic performance.? 
  7. Evaluate students fairly on the basis of program criteria with timely interim and final performance evaluations and assign grades in accordance with college policy and the achievement of course objectives as stated in the syllabus. 
  8. Maintain overall accessibility to students, which necessitates flexibility in arranging out-of-class consultations to accommodate student needs. 
  9. Maintain currency in content areas through appropriate professional development.  

4. Student Success

  1. Under the direction of the Learning Resources Department, provide holistic support services to help students overcome academic and other challenges to earn their degree. 
  2. Maintain regular contact with students, faculty, and staff to monitor academic performance and serve as a point of contact to facilitate persistence and retention.? 
  3. Cultivate an environment of academic accountability by ensuring students attend assigned “study hall” sessions to optimize learning and academic success.  
  4. Maintain a working knowledge and ability with student retention systems such as Early Alert, monitor the system, and document student interactions regarding academic requirements and status, course selection, and expectations. 
  5. Provide career guidance and academic support by collecting, organizing, and analyzing information using Aviso and related systems.?? 
  6. Create and manage status reports as required. 
  7. Stay abreast of career opportunities, requisite education and training, and assist students with establishing educational and career goals. 
  8. Participate in student success activities to promote student persistence and retention.? 
  9. Participate in orientation and registration events as requested. 

5. Marketing & Outreach

  1. Under the direction of Marketing/Communications, Educational Partnerships, Admissions, and the Foundation Offices and Foundation, plan, execute, and participate in community outreach, marketing and fundraising activities for college. 
  2. Attend community-based meetings and events as an ambassador for the College. 
  3. Prepare, present, and/or distribute promotional and educational information about the College and its mission to community organizations and businesses 
  4. Establish and maintain professional community relationships and partnerships. 
  5. As requested, or when deemed appropriate, engage potential donors through facilitating advancement activities.  
  6. Assist with various marketing-related duties such as social media and related posts and coordination
  7. Assist with planning and executing recruiting events and activities to promote the College and its programs. 
  8. Develop a working knowledge of the College’s facilities, programs, and university partnerships. ? 
  9. Develop and maintain strong relationships with Gaston and Lincoln County high school counselors, teachers, and staff. 
  10. Engage prospective students through conducting campus tours, giving presentations, communicating via virtual meetings, telephone, email, and staffing an information booth to promote the College and its programs.? 
  11. Assist prospective students with navigating and completing the admissions and enrollment process. 
  12. Participate in information and application sessions for prospective students and orientation, advising, and registration sessions for pending enrollees. 
  13. Stay abreast of career opportunities, requisite education and training, and advise students on employment outlook. 
  14. Closely track and document high school senior enrollment data as part of efforts to increase the number of local seniors enrolling at Gaston College following high school graduation. 

6. Special Projects

  1. Serve on College committees as requested. 
  2. As requested, promote activities and events through the College website, social media, and related means. 
  3. Coordinate and manage special projects as assigned.?Special projects may include a variety of activities designed to support the mission of the College.  

7. Intramural Program

  1. Under the direction of the Student Development Department, develop, promote, and coordinate intramural programs and activities to engage students, foster student-life, and enhance overall on-campus experience.? 
  2. Create and maintain an intramural programs and activities guide. 
  3. Establish, communicate, and ensure adherence to protocols, procedures, rules, and regulations to ensure intramural participant safety.? 
  4. Promote intramural programs and activities using various platforms such as meetings, group events, and social media. 
  5. Evaluate and secure proper indoor and outdoor spaces for intramural programs and activities.? 
  6. Responsible for the set-up and tear-down of intramural events.  

8. Fitness Center Coordination

  1. Under the direction of Health and Human Services, coordinate fitness center operations and activities. 
  2. Develop a working knowledge of all exercise and related fitness center equipment. 
  3. Provide exceptional customer service and orient faculty, staff, and students on the completion of applicable fitness center forms and the proper and safe use of equipment.?? 
  4. Assist participants with establishing fitness/training goals, routines, and plans, and provide individual and group support and instruction. 
  5. Ensure that the fitness center and its equipment are clean, orderly, and properly maintained to help ensure safety and health. 
  6. May evaluate, train, and supervise fitness center attendants. 
  7. Promote health and wellness initiatives within the College Community.? 

9. General Expectations 

  1. Practice a high standard of professional and ethical practice in representing the College. 
  2. Maintain confidentiality of sensitive and/or relevant information and abide by all applicable laws, regulations, and policies related to FERPA and recordkeeping. 
  3. Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the field or discipline in which engaged with adherence to professional accountability.? 
  4. Establish and maintain cooperative relationships with students, faculty, staff, and the public. 
  5. Contribute positively and constructively to the achievement of team, department, and College goals.? 
  6. Provide a high level of customer service at all times.? 
  7. Use good judgment in decision making and accept responsibility for personal behavior, relationships, and managing situations. 
  8. Adhere to the College’s policies, procedures, and other established guidelines. 
  9. Other duties as assigned. 


Head Coach-Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for coordinating and directing the activities of the men’s basketball program.
  2. Leads, guides, directs, and develops the men’s basketball staff and student-athletes.
  3. Practice planning and implementation, individual and team coaching and skill development, and motivating student-athletes and staff to give their best efforts to optimize team competitiveness.
  4. Evaluate and implement innovative approaches to strategy and scheme to optimize team competitiveness and results. 
  5. Logistics including, but not limited to, court preparation, equipment maintenance, and other tasks to facilitate smooth practices, travels, and games.
  6. Scout and analyze schemes, statistics, and technical data of opponents and prepare game plans accordingly.
  7. Oversees recruiting activities including prospect evaluation, database management, and communications.
  8. Effectively managing the men’s basketball operations budget.
  9. Mentor student-athletes and consult with College staff and faculty when appropriate.
  10. Monitor academic progress of players and serve as a liaison with academic support personnel in support of players’ academic efforts.
  11. Serve as a liaison with athletic training and strength and conditioning staff in support of conditioning and rehabilitation of players.
  12. Demonstrate a sincere interest in the personal and academic development, as well as athletic progress, of student-athletes.
  13. Exhibit supportive and cooperative behavior in pursuit of sport program goals. 
  14. Plan and execute basketball clinics and camps.
  15. In collaboration with the Development Office and the Athletics Department, actively participates in outreach and fundraising activities.
  16. Exhibit good judgment and professional behavior in advising and coaching students.
  17. Conform to the highest standards of professional conduct regarding compliance with department and institutional policies and procedures and adherence to the rules and regulations of athletic governance organizations of which the institution is a member.
  18. Contribute to the maintenance of good working relationships with all staff, student-athletes, and external constituents through a positive and constructive approach to all tasks, respect for the competencies of others, and appropriate conflict resolution behavior.
  19. Serve on College committees and attend staff meetings, clinics, and other activities as required or assigned.  
  20. Represent Gaston College and its athletic department in a professional and engaging manner at all times.
  21. Perform other duties as assigned.

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