Dean, Health Sciences and Public Services Technologies

Dean, Health Sciences and Public Services Technologies


Rockingham Community College
215 Wrenn Memorial Road
Wentworth, NC 27375
Phone: 336-342-4261

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Commensurate with experience


Full-Time Benefits

Job Category

  • Executive/Administrative/Managerial

Application Period

Opens: Tuesday, May 7, 2024
Closes: Thursday, August 1, 2024

Target Start Date

Thursday, August 1, 2024

Expected Work Hours

M-Th 8am - 5pm, F 8am - 3pm

Reports to

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Employment Type


Minimum Qualifications

  • Master’s Degree (from a college accredited by a US Department of Education accepted accrediting agency)
  • Five years of teaching experience, training or work experience with a focus in the areas of health sciences, public service technology or related workforce areas.
  • Three years supervisory experience in the development and administration of community college instructional programs, both curriculum and continuing education.
  • Experience directly supervising full-time community college personnel with a demonstrated ability to lead others and build strong teams.

Preferred Qualifications


Position Description


  • Researching, organizing, developing, and recommending educational and training programs.
  • Evaluating and improving workflow and processes.
  • Analyzing data and implementing identified strategies for improvement
  • Providing leadership that encourages student learning, inspires quality, effective teaching, and cultivates meaningful educational programs.
  • Representing assigned area in the college planning processes, including prioritizing and making sound decisions based on data.
  • Planning and coordinating the development of class schedule (s).
  • Providing assistance in planning for facility occupancy and utilization.
  • Serving on various committees of the college as requested or assigned.
  • Identifying and recommending appropriate supplementary programs, projects, and proposals for funding from local, state, federal and/or private sources to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and/or other administrative personnel.
  • Providing assistance for the planning and implementation for academic resources and tutorial support services.
  • Assisting with the development and revision of all official policies of the Rockingham Community College.
  • Developing and recommending policies for the operation of the division.
  • Recommending to the Vice President for Academic Affairs an annual budget for the division.
  • Reviewing and recommending to the Vice President for Academic Affairs the employment, retention, and transfer of professional and support personnel for the division’s programs for the college.
  • Contributing to the development of the appropriate sections of the Catalog and Student Handbook official publications of the community college service area.
  • Organizing and directing the work of faculty and staff.
  • Coordinating the development of and ordering instructional support materials.
  • Organizing, planning, and consulting with advisory councils, advisory committees, and other stakeholders to determine state-of-the-art practices, procedures, and equipment.


  • Monitoring simulation usage and implementing interdisciplinary activities involving simulation.
  • Monitoring the goals and tactics of the strategic plan.
  • Implementing all official policies and regulations of the Rockingham Community College.
  • Advising administrators, faculty and staff on local, state, and federal policies and procedures.
  • Maintaining compliance with established performance measures for division programs with the North Carolina Community College System and other entities.
  • Securing all personnel file data and forms required by the Administrative, Student Development, and Facilities and External Affairs divisions.
  • Maintaining compliance with fiscal management system policies and procedures set forth for the college’s programs and services.
  • Implementing any program performance appraisals needed to assess the performance of programs in cooperation with appropriate personnel, agencies and entities.
  • Implementing the personnel performance appraisal system for the division's personnel in cooperation with other offices of the college.
  • Implementing equipment management system policies and procedures for the Rockingham Community College service area, the North Carolina Community College System, and/or other entities.
  • Supporting the implementation of all QEP activities.
  • Implementing facility management system policies and procedures for the Rockingham Community College service area, the North Carolina Community College System, and/or other entities.
  • Providing Dean-level supervision for support personnel in the division.


  • Ensuring division programs align with and are viable for local and regional employment.
  • Reviewing, analyzing and summarizing performance data for classes and programs in the division to determine their overall effectiveness in accordance with college or relational entity guidelines.
  • Evaluating instructional material, equipment and supply orders.
  • Participating in the administrative performance evaluation process as directed.
  • Organizing and conducting faculty and staff performance reviews as required by the college.
  • Coordinating and monitoring student assessment in accordance with board and/or administrative policy
  • Evaluating program performance in relation to the college’s institutional effectiveness and performance measures.

Professionalism/Public Relations

  • Developing meaningful relationships with appropriate external stakeholders.
  • Assuring participation and engagement activities that promote enrollment and enhance the college’s image.
  • Maintaining intra-institution relationships with members of the Board of Trustees, President’s Cabinet, Administrative Staff, and other employees of the service area.
  • Providing appropriate liaison support with the North Carolina Community College System Office, the State Board for Community Colleges, and other relational entities.
  • Stimulating and influencing innovation and creativity at all levels within the organization.
  • Encouraging the professional and personal development of all employees in the division.
  • Serving as a role model and advocate for high quality instruction and assessment with faculty and staff.
  • Promoting the Rockingham Community College service area with local, state, regional, and national citizenry. 

How to Apply

To be considered for this position, please complete an online application at

Job Post Contact

Joy Chappell
Director of Human Resources
(336) 342-4261, ext. 2265