Department Chair of Information and Engineering Technologies

Department Chair of Information and Engineering Technologies


Cleveland Community College
137 South Post Road
Shelby, NC 28152
Phone: 704-669-6000

Job Location

Sanford, NC


Depends on Qualifications


Full-time State of NC

Job Category

  • Instructional (Faculty)

Application Period

Opens: Tuesday, July 19, 2022
Closes: Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Target Start Date

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Expected Work Hours

Mon-Thurs 7:45 to 5, Fri. 7:30 to 3:30

Employment Type


Minimum Qualifications

Required educational background: 

  • Bachelor's degree in a related field such as information systems, information technology, computer science, computer engineering, or engineering technologies.

Required knowledge, skills and abilities: 

  • Understanding of the IT and/or ET labor market and appreciation for the needs of business and industry in the service area
  • Strong interpersonal and oral/written communication skills
  • Supervisory ability and experience

Preferred Qualifications

Preferred Requirements


  • Master’s degree in a related field 
  • Teaching experience, especially at the post-secondary level, is preferred 
  • Preferred IT Industry certifications - CCNA, CCNP, A+, Security+, Network+
  • Knowledge of IT and/or ET curricula at the program and course level

Position Description

At Central Carolina Community College (CCCC), we create transformative lifelong learning opportunities!  We expect all employees to find ways to remove barriers to student success and provide all students with equitable pathways to achievable dreams. Our employees are charged to recognize the challenges we face and to respond to them with empathy, understanding, and a willingness to help.   

Department chairs at Central Carolina Community College are responsible for the administration of all the programs in a department. Program administration includes continuous evaluation and revision of course objectives, course outlines, course competencies, course descriptions, and teaching strategies in the specific curriculum to ascertain that they are appropriate and relevant, as well as the management of personnel and resources. Department chairs at Central Carolina Community College also serve as faculty who facilitate transformative lifelong learning.

May be required to teach at any college location within the College's three-county service area. Some in state or out-of-state travel related to discipline specific training could be required.  

Salary depends on education and experience.

Bachelor's Degree $52,075-$63,867

Master's Degree $55,173-$67,596

Doctorate Degree $57,923-$70,231

Diversity Statement:  Central Carolina Community College believes the college experience is greatly enriched through diversity; therefore, the college encourages diversity of thought within the student body and staff. Furthermore, the college seeks to promote awareness of diversity and the respect for all individuals, and the college pledges to adhere to this mission in its relationship with the community.   


Essential Duties


Teaching Responsibilities:

  • Embrace the institutional goals of Central Carolina Community College by engaging students as full partners in the learning process, removing barriers to student progression in courses, and supporting and assisting students in achieving their educational and career goals.  
  • Use student learning outcomes to create a variety of activities, assignments, and assessments that ensure curriculum goals will be met. 
  • Create a dynamic instructional environment that promotes a positive, interactive, and inclusive learning experience for all students.
  • Maintain a Blackboard course with a syllabus and gradebook for each class.
  • Grade all assignments in a timely manner and ensure that all grades are reported within the 10-day college grading policy. 
  • Provide personalized and constructive feedback on student assignments by recognizing what students did well and identifying attainable improvements for future work.
  • Respond to all student communication within two business days.
  • Report attendance weekly.
  • Facilitate student learning for instructional loads of 12-15 contact hours per semester.
  • Faculty keep a weekly schedule of 35 hours on campus, including 5 required office hours.  Hours on site may be adjusted based on distance education responsibilities and/or approved telework arrangements. 
  • Assume other duties as assigned.
  • Actively support the college’s vision of exceptional learning for all.


  • Maintain accurate records, submit timely reports and contracts, and ensure that other members of the department do so as well. 
  • Keep the program dean and provost, as applicable, apprised of all matters pertaining to the department. 
  • Recruit, hire, orient, equip, and supervise all departmental faculty
  • Determine faculty meet credential requirement(s) for positions. 
  • Conduct an annual performance appraisal for all department personnel. 
  • Assign class schedules.
  • Plan and conduct regular departmental meetings and file with the program dean and/or provost minutes of those meetings.
  • Ascertain that all faculty keep their skills and knowledge current and develop new skills. 

Curriculum/Program Coordination

  • Ensure that program outcomes and student learning outcomes are developed for each program and all courses in the department. 
  • Ensure quality and consistent instruction to students on all campuses. 
  • Prepare and plan for the administration of all proficiency exams. 
  • Oversee the evaluation and selection of course materials, and prepare and submit textbook orders to the bookstore manager, as applicable
  • Design, implement, and maintain an effective student, faculty, and staff recruitment plan for all programs. 
  • Oversee the planning and execution of relevant career community events in conjunction with other stakeholders.
  • Design and implement a plan for improving and tracking student retention for all curricula within the department. 
  • Ensure outcomes and assessments review for all programs within the department is completed in a timely manner. 
  • Oversee the selection and maintain an inventory of all departmental equipment, materials, and supplies.  
  • Organize and maintain an active advisory board for all programs within the department. Incorporating principles of the business and industry leadership team (BILT) model, host a minimum of one meeting per year and submit minutes of those meetings to the division dean and document. 
  • Build relationships with business, industry, and professional agencies relevant to the department and encourage faculty to do the same.
  • Direct the development of new curricula to meet the demands of the labor market and the recommendations of the program’s advisory board. 
  • Schedule classes, assign faculty, and collaborate with other departments to ensure course offerings coincide with student needs. 
  • Collaborate with college stakeholders to plan and implement activities with high school and four year university partners, as applicable. 
  • Cooperate with appropriate Continuing Education personnel on the development of credit and non-credit courses, creation of course outlines, and assignment of faculty as needed. 
  • Cooperate with the library to ensure that an adequate quantity of up-to-date library materials are available. 

Advising Responsibilities:

  • Meet with each assigned advisee a minimum of once each semester.
  • Provide advisees with information and guidance to achieve their individual educational, career, and life goals.
  • Help students develop educational plans.
  • Coach advisees and refer them to institutional resources when academic or personal problems require intervention.
  • Complete faculty advisor training.
  • Develop and maintain a departmental advising schedule. 
  • Provide departmental advising assistance during the summer when 9 month faculty are off-contract.

Institutional Responsibilities:

  • Participate in activities required to maintain program and/or college accreditation standards.
  • Serve on college committees as appointed.
  • Attend graduation ceremonies.
  • Engage in a minimum of 5 hours of professional development each year.
  • Maintain current knowledge of your discipline and renew industry credentials, as needed.
  • Attend departmental, divisional, and collegewide meetings.
  • Cultivate a culture of care and advocacy through compassion, inclusion, opportunity, integrity, courage, and people.
  • Recognizing and respecting the variety of experiences and contributions represented by all of our students, employees, and community, the Information and Engineering Technologies Department Chair  will encourage a learning environment where everyone is supported and valued for their unique perspectives and experiences, and will foster and promote the participation of all members of our diverse communities.

Job Post Contact

Central Carolina Community College Human Resources

1105 Kelly Drive, Sanford, NC  27540

(919) 718-7493