Director, Curriculum Development, Assessment, and Compliance

Director, Curriculum Development, Assessment, and Compliance


Durham Technical Community College
1637 Lawson Street
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: 919-536-7200

Job Location

The role of the Director, Curriculum Development, Assessment, and Compliance position requires them to be online and available for the majority of the College’s operating hours in order to allow for collaboration with fellow employees. Due to the essential nature of the position, evening or weekend work may be required in extenuating circumstances. The employee is required to work remotely using secure, non-public Wi-Fi. Employees must be able to attend mandatory meetings and events on campus as needed. The employee is required to attend standing meetings with the Assistant Vice President, Academics and Guided Career Pathways, and check-in calls with divisional and/or institutional leadership upon request. Summer schedules may vary to enable four-day or four-and-one-half-day work weeks.


$56,664 - $67,289


Full Time Benefits

Job Category

  • Executive/Administrative/Managerial

Application Period

Opens: Thursday, November 3, 2022
Closes: Sunday, November 27, 2022

Target Start Date

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Expected Work Hours

A primarily remote position with a minimum 40-hour work week as determined by the supervisor to allow the employee to fulfill the assigned duties and responsibilities. Th

Reports to

Assistant Vice President, Academics and Guided Career Pathways

Employment Type

Full-Time Position

Minimum Qualifications

A Master’s Degree is required.

Preferred Qualifications

A Master’s Degree is required.

Position Description

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

1. Knowledge of and familiarity with the required components and skills needed in developing and refining curriculum programs in a higher educational setting;

2. Ability to demonstrate a high level of competence and proficiency with computer skills, software packages (Microsoft Office, Outlook e-mail, Internet, Informer, student information databases such as Ellucian/Colleague);

3. Ability to establish and maintain effective communication and interpersonal relations throughout the college and the community;

4. Ability to establish and maintain the appropriate contacts at the system level related to the development and submission of programs;

5. Ability to demonstrate a high level of competence and proficiency in oral and written communication appropriate for effective supervising and management;

6. Ability to perform technical writing as well as develop and deliver individual and group training/support to faculty and staff;

7. Ability to demonstrate proficiency in research, documenting, and reporting while maintaining a high level of attention to detail;

8. Ability to think critically, organize tasks, and provide leadership in developing and following processes;

9. Ability to supervise in an educational setting;

10. Knowledge of Durham Tech programs as it relates to compliance with local and North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) Office requirements, technological protocols, and procedures;

11. Knowledge of Durham Tech policies, procedures, and appropriate workflows as it relates to compliance and best practices;

12. Knowledge of and commitment to the community college mission and philosophy.


Job Duties

General Operations:

1. Provide leadership and supervision for the department, including, but not limited to curriculum assessment (e.g., course and program learning outcomes, Academic Program Review), section creation/scheduling, auditing, reporting, and compliance;

2. Ensure curriculum alignment to standards, program outcomes, accreditation needs, and course-level competencies;

3. Facilitate and oversee the academic change process throughout the division, including changes to course descriptions, plans of study, revisions to catalog information, and all other related requirements, including the timely production and distribution of all such information;

4. Coordinate the annual program assessment “scorecard” review;

5. Perform data entry into NCCCS Ellucian/Colleague to create, review, and submit programs of study (CU and Career and College Promise [CCP]), acting on behalf of the College President in the verification of the College’s capacity to teach all courses in the program of study;

6. Download all curriculum programs (CU and CCP) from NCCCS Ellucian/Colleague into Durham Tech’s Colleague; perform data entry into Durham Tech’s Colleague to create, review, and finalize programs of study (CU and CCP);

7. Supervise the maintenance of all courses (CU, CE, CCP) and programs in Durham Tech’s Colleague, including, but not limited to, department and division, course requisites, membership hours, billing information and course fees, waiting list, registration restriction rules, etc.;

8. Oversees compliance of all programs with System’s Office curriculum standards, including downloading new courses, ensuring annual updates of degree requirements, monitoring pre-requisite and co-requisites requirements (local and state);

9. Maintain appropriate communication with the NCCCS Office’s Program Services and other institutions in matters pertaining to curriculum and instruction;

10. Create and maintain technical support documents (Ellucian/Colleague) for program and course mnemonics as well as provide periodic/annual hands-on training;

11. Execute reports in Informer and perform data analysis or other research as well as collaborate with Information Technology Services (ITS) and Research, Evaluation, Assessment, and Planning (REAP) offices with developing new or revising existing reports;

12. Maintain Course Substitution List, performing review/revisions annually as needed with faculty input/collaboration;

13. Monitor each program’s compliance with curriculum standards and other requirements as stipulated by accrediting agencies and other pertinent external organizations;

14. Maintain current knowledge of SACSCOC accreditation standards and practices and coordinate with the SACSCOC liaison concerning related areas of curriculum development (e.g., substantive changes);

15. Address registration problems due to requisite issues;

16. Provide input, feedback, and guidance on policy and procedure as it relates to curriculum development;

17. Process reports, forms, schedules, and all other required paperwork in a timely, efficient manner, checking for the accuracy and correctness of all data;

18. Develop and maintain compliance-related policies, procedures, and regulatory controls to meet and maintain best practices;

Inter and Intra-Divisional Collaboration:

1. Provide guidance and collaborate with deans, department heads, program directors, and faculty in all matters pertaining to the development, management, and improvement of the curriculum;

2. Provide end-user support and assistance to faculty and staff across the college for questions and concerns related to courses and programs (Ellucian/Colleague);

3. Coordinate with the Vice President, Finance and Administrative Services, and the Business Office concerning the process for review and submission of annual course/supply fees to the Board of Trustees, as well as assist in maintaining the course/supply fee portion of the Student Fees list;

4. Coordinate with the director of Career and College Promise to ensure CCP program alignment to NCCCS standards;

5. Assist executive assistant to the Vice President/CAO in the maintenance, coordination, and centralization of official files on all curriculum programs and all supporting records and documents;

6. Maintain liaison with the Admissions, Registration, and Records (ARR) and Advising offices in matters pertaining to, but not limited to, curriculum, instruction, programs of study, graduation evaluation, course substitutions, course requisites, and course scheduling;

7. Maintain liaison with the Financial Aid office and provide a program of study information for the purposes of Title IV funding application and renewal, Gainful Employment, federal reports, etc.

Committee and Council Responsibilities:

1. Chair, convene, and provide oversight for the activities of the Program Management Committee;

2. Attend and participate in Strategic Enrollment Management Council meetings as required by the chair of the Program Management Committee;

3. Attend and participate in regularly scheduled AGCP divisional and interdivisional meetings by virtue of position at the College;

4. Serve on additional task forces, workgroups, committees, and/or councils as needed or at the direction of the Assistant Vice President, Academics and Guided Career Pathways;

Personnel Management:

1. Supervise and evaluate three direct reports, leading a department of five;

2. Identify and recommend professional development needs of the same;

3. Maintain required personnel information on the administrative personnel;

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