Director of Facility Services

Director of Facility Services


Robeson Community College
5160 Fayetteville Road
Lumberton, NC 28360
Phone: 910-272-3700

Job Location

RCC Main Campus


Commensurate with experience


State of NC Benefits

Job Category

  • Professional

Application Period

Opens: Wednesday, March 20, 2024
Closes: Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Target Start Date

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Expected Work Hours

8a-5p M-F

Employment Type


Minimum Qualifications

A minimum of an Associate’s degree in Industrial Systems Technology, Electrical Systems Technology, HVAC Technology, Construction Technology or experience equal to a degree, such as NC Contractor’s license or equivalent work experience.


Preferred Qualifications

NC Contractor’s License (Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing). Bachelors Degree in Industrial, Electrical Systems, HVAC systems Technology, or Leadership.

Position Description

The incumbent will have the following duties & responsibilities:


  • Oversees all maintenance functions on campus and at off-campus locations. Maintenance functions include servicing and maintaining all electrical, heating, air conditioning, carpentry, plumbing, painting, performance logs and other as assigned.
  • Ensures that all work is completed properly and efficiently.
  • Performs such supervisory duties as instructing; assigning, reviewing, and planning work of others; maintaining standards; coordinating activities; allocating personnel; acting on employee problems; selecting new employees; and recommending disciplinary actions and discharges; managing outside contractors for “outsourced” operations.  When necessary, and according to the incumbent’s skills, performs the tasks required if others are not available or able.  Otherwise, contracts for work as appropriate.
  • Prepares and manages the budget for Facility Services.
  • Coordinates the purchasing of items, supplies, tools, and equipment needed for efficient completion of projects and duties.
  • Recommends to administration contracts for procurement as appropriate.  Acts as Contract Administrator for small construction and “force labor” projects as assigned.
  • Has/develops considerable knowledge of all areas of building maintenance including equipment utilized and specific technical areas administered, such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC, recycling, and construction.
  • Determines maintenance, renovation, and repair needs and plans efficiently to ensure that such needs are met.
  • Receives, reviews, processes, submits and/or files a variety of documents and reports including work order requests, architectural drawings, electrical drawings, training reports, facilities reports, etc.  Most such documents will be handled electronically via computer processing.


  • Develops considerable knowledge of policies and procedures, of the college and applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations pertaining to maintenance functions of the college.  For Hazardous Materials, or for any activities related to maintenance, recommends updates to procedures and administrative policies to keep up with changes in federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
  • Helps administration develop policies and procedures for current practices, such as recycling, energy management, and water conservation.


  • Supervises all employees involved in maintenance of facility.
  • Works with the staffing company currently under contract with the college to ensure adequate coverage of all shifts, professional performance and behavior of those contracted employees, and required safety training and interpersonal training of those contracted employees. 
  • Works with administration to ensure contract agreements are followed and to develop and advertise requests for proposals when it is time for a new or renewed contract for services.
  • Supervises any annual or part-time employees of the college assigned to maintenance functions.
  • Ensures that all equipment is in safe and efficient working order and is accounted for and cared for with each use.
  • Ensures that all supplies are ordered and stocked and inventoried appropriately, and that all supplies are accounted for as used.
  • Reports to security any equipment or supplies that cannot be accounted for.
  • Leads implementation of preventive maintenance plan for facility operations.
  • Leads implementation as describe in performance contract of the college.
  • Follows and recommends updates of policies and procedures for current practices, such as recycling, energy management, and water conservation.
  • Attends appropriate training/continuing education courses and conferences on maintenance keeping best practices. 
  • Arranges training for staff.
  • Supervises the securing and disposing of hazardous waste on campus in accordance with regulations.
  • Attends training seminars on hazardous waste.
  • Communicates regularly with those on campus who handle hazardous materials. 
  • Leads and develops and implements preventative maintenance plans for Facility Services.
  • Attends and remains at work regularly and adheres to all College policies and procedures. 
  • Provides adequate notice to higher management with respect to annual or sick leave requests.  Acts as 24-hour on-call person for emergencies due to maintenance of buildings, grounds and equipment for the College.


  • Supervises and approves the work activities of personnel.
  • Ensures that all tasks are completed in a safe, orderly manner, following all federal, state and local guidelines, meeting strict time schedules, and at the least cost to the College. 
  • Evaluates the performance of regular and contracted personnel under incumbent’s supervision.
  • Communicates with personnel to help them improve performance.
  • Communicates with Assistant Vice President and with contractors as necessary to facilitate improvements in performance of personnel.
  • Evaluates processes, procedures, and policies as applied to incumbent’s areas of responsibility.  Makes suggestions and recommendations for improvement to Assistant Vice President.
  • Evaluates efficiency and performance of college equipment (such as HVAC and electrical systems).  Makes suggestions and recommendations for improvements to Assistant Vice President.
  • Maintains high standards of accuracy in exercising duties and responsibilities.  Exercises immediate remedial action to correct any quality deficiencies that occur in areas of responsibility.

How to Apply

Candidates for the position should apply online at and submit a Professional Resume, a photocopy of Official Transcripts, and any other supporting documentation related to the qualification requirements. Robeson Community College reserves the right to perform consumer background checks on applicants who are considered for employment and the College may administer personality profile testing as part of the selection process.

Job Post Contact

Robeson Community College

PO Box 1420

Lumberton, NC 28359