Director of Financial Aid

Director of Financial Aid


McDowell Technical Community College
54 College Drive
Marion, NC 28752
Phone: 828-652-6021

Job Location

54 College Drive, Marion, NC 28752


commensurate with experience


regular college benefits

Job Category

  • Professional

Application Period

Opens: Friday, September 9, 2022
Closes: Friday, September 30, 2022

Target Start Date

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Expected Work Hours

Daytime hours with additional hours as needed

Reports to

Vice-President for Finance and Administration

Employment Type

full-time permanent

Minimum Qualifications

Associate's degree with extensive FA experience required

A minimum of two years of experience in financial aid, student development, counseling, or equivalent.  

Must possess a positive attitude and be a team-player.  Must be detail-oriented and willing to adapt to new technology.  Must be dependable, able to handle confidential information, and possess excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Preferred Qualifications

Bachelor's Degree and three to five years of experience preferred. Supervisory experience also preferred.

Position Description

General Responsibilities

Directs the operations of the Financial Aid office in collaboration with Student Services and Business Office staff members, including supervision of the Financial Aid Advisor.  Promotes a student-centered approach in collaboration with the Student Success Team to serve the holistic needs of all students. Responsible for following state and federal guidelines pertaining to Federal Financial Aid, state aid, scholarships, and Veterans Affairs. Assists and supports process and activities within the Student Services department and the overall college.


Specific Responsibilities

  1. Provides advising service to students:
    1. Provides students with pertinent information concerning curriculum programs and acceptance into those programs.
    2. Counsels students regarding availability of financial aid for selected curriculum.
  2. Supervises and administers the comprehensive Student Financial Aid Program:
    1. Is familiar with all rules and regulations for the Federal and State Financial Aid programs.
    2. Advises students concerning financial aid availability and provides students with appropriate forms to be completed for financial aid.
    3. Maintains accurate records of students receiving financial assistance.
    4. Is familiar with all scholarships and other methods of financial aid for students.
    5. Develops policies and procedures for administering an effective financial aid program.
    6. Maintains contact with students receiving financial aid and monitors the student’s satisfactory academic progress.
    7. Awards internal scholarships based on need and availability.
    8. Interviews and hires students assigned to Federal Work Study positions within MTCC.
    9. Budgets Federal Work Study funds and maintains monthly records.
    10. Coordinates default management process.
    11. Updates and maintains the Federal Student Aid Eligibility and Certification Approval.
    12. Collaborates with FA Advisor and marketing team to create materials and content for office website and social media platforms and develop a detailed campaign to market information to where students and parents are obtaining electronic information.
    13. Creates a branded, dynamic, multi-faceted financial literacy campaign that focuses on developing the skills needed for financial planning, creating a budget, tracking spending, learning techniques to pay off future debts and understanding/calculating interest on loans through the use of education/interactive tools, guides, and resources focused on understanding true costs.
    14. Engages with Development Director and MTCC Foundation Board regarding scholarship needs and uses.
  3. Serves as a Designated Certifying Official for approvals between MTCC and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Supervises the process to ensure the following takes place, in collaboration with the FA Advisor:
    1. Certifies the catalog annually for the North Carolina State Approval Agency.
    2. Meets annually with federal and/or state auditors to ensure MTCC is in compliance with the DVA guidelines.
    3. Familiar with the benefits distributed by the DVA and interprets the policies to prospective recipients and recipients enrolled in the college.
    4. Assists the student in making initial application to determine VA eligibility.
    5. Evaluates DD214’s and school transcripts, and determines if the recipient’s file is complete.
    6. Electronically certifies the recipients for DVA benefits using VAONCE.
    7. Tracks the recipient’s progress through the semester, updating veteran’s eligibility status if necessary.
    8. Verifies the veteran’s status with the state of North Carolina National Guard for tuition assistance (TAP).
    9. Verifies the student’s status with the state for the North Carolina State Scholarship for dependents.
    10. Contacts the DVA when the recipient does not appear to be receiving the appropriate benefits or is not receiving the benefit in what appears to be a timely manner.
  4. Other Assigned Responsibilities:
    1. Assists with recruiting for curriculum programs, attending college days, etc.
    2. Assists in pre-registration and peak periods during registration.
    3. Assists with graduation.
    4. Assists with any other duties within the Student Services Department as assigned.


How to Apply

Submit an MTCC application and resume: 

Via email to-

Via snail mail to-


Breanna Wilson

McDowell Technical Community College

54 College Drive

Marion, NC 28752

In-person to- Breanna Wilson, MTCC, 54 College Drive (Marion, NC), Cedar Building, Business Office


Offers of employment are contingent upon receipt of official transcripts.


If you have questions, contact Breanna Wilson by email, phone or fax:


phone: 828-652-0618

fax: 828-659-0401

Job Post Contact

Michael Lavender
54 College Dr.
Marion, NC  28752