Director of Financial Aid

Director of Financial Aid


Isothermal Community College
286 ICC Loop Road
Spindale, NC 28160
Phone: 828-286-3636

Job Location

Spindale, NC


mid $68,000


Full Time Benefits

Job Category

  • Executive/Administrative/Managerial

Application Period

Opens: Wednesday, October 4, 2023
Closes: Friday, May 31, 2024

Target Start Date

Monday, April 1, 2024

Expected Work Hours

37.5 hour work week

Reports to

Dean of Students

Employment Type

Full Time

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Bachelor’s degree required in Student Development, Business, Accounting, Counseling, or a related field required
  2. Experience and proficient knowledge and understanding of Title IV programs and federal regulations required

Preferred Qualifications


  1. Master’s degree preferred
  2. Minimum of five years of leadership experience in Financial Aid or Admissions, including three years of supervision experience of full-time personnel preferred
  3. Experience and proficient knowledge and understanding of Title IV programs and federal regulations required Experience with Student Information Systems (Colleague) preferred.

Position Description

Statement of Primary Purpose

In support of the overall mission of Isothermal Community College, it is the responsibility of the Director of Financial Aid to enable students to pursue higher education by administering financial aid programs designed to offset the cost of attendance.


Supervises Directly

Financial Aid Counselor(s)

Financial Aid Counselor/Veteran Affairs Coordinator

Powers Promise Scholarship Program Coordinator

Federal Work Study Student(s) serving through the Financial Aid department


Essential Responsibilities

Coordinate and administer Financial Aid program/Financial Aid Office supervision

    1. Develop, evaluate, and revise financial aid procedures to ensure compliance with federal, state, and institutional guidelines
    2. Provide leadership and supervision in monitoring and organizing the work of the division
    3. Maintain a working knowledge of federal, state, and local financial aid guidelines
    4. Develop, assess, and refine office workflows and processes that promote efficiency and balance workload among staff
    5. Troubleshoot problems and issues that occur, and provide counsel, to maximize student aid support to advance student progress, completion, and success
    6. Oversee and ensure that current and prospective students receive accessible, friendly, and professional service from the Financial Aid staff in all types of multimedia, interactions, and locations including self-service, face-to-face, etc.
    7. Supervise the administration of all federal and state financial aid programs
    8. Supervise the administration of all internal and external scholarship programs including Powers Promise Scholarships
    9. Balance and reconcile all accounts with the Business Office for year-end as required by the Department of Education
    10. Oversee and ensure that the Eligibility and Certification Approval Report of Programs (ECAR) is updated, submitted, and approved by the Department of Education
    11. Oversee and ensure that every five years renewal data is collected and submitted for The Program Participation Agreement (PPA) approval with the Department of Education
    12. Assess and ensure aid recipients’ compliance with the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy
    13. Oversee and coordinate activities such as financial aid and financial literacy workshops in the community and within the college that educate prospective and current students about financial aid opportunities and money management
    14. Develop, assess, and coordinate information services that educate financial aid recipients about important guidelines to help them retain financial aid eligibility
    15. Oversee data security practices among financial aid staff and in all functions of the Financial Aid Office in compliance with local procedures as well as state and federal regulations in a manner that ensures the protection of college data
    16. Coordinate Financial Aid Consortium agreements with students and other colleges
    17. Provide leadership for and supervise Financial Aid Office staff and ensure that staff have the training needed to carry out their jobs with excellence
    18. Lead assessment, planning, and goal-setting processes and activities for the Financial Aid Office
    19. Submit Financial Aid Office budget requests annually as requested by supervisor
    20. Participate in professional development opportunities that advance knowledge of financial aid and facilitate networking with financial aid colleagues
    21. Assist the Dean of Students and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) Steering Committee in maintaining compliance with relevant SACSCOC standards
    22. Serve as point of contact for the Department of Education (ED)
    23. Develop, maintain, and ensure access to financial aid consumer information as required by the Higher Education Opportunity Act
    24. Oversee and ensure the accuracy of all information provided about the financial aid program including (but not limited to) Isothermal’s website, College Catalog and Student Handbook, Patriot Port, printed materials, chatbot, and through social media
    25. Follow federal, SACSCOC, state, and local guidelines in maintaining student financial aid records and reporting procedures
    26. Maintain familiarity with federal program review and financial aid audit procedures and assist in making the college community aware of requirements as well as compliance with requirements
    27. Work with federal (ED) and State (Eagle, NCSEAA) auditors as needed for program reviews


Administer and maintain the technical support for the financial aid program

    1. Ensure all financial aid records are properly maintained and updated within the ERP (e.g., Colleague) system
    2. Ensure all of the institution’s electronic links to the U.S. Department of Education are properly maintained and updated, including but not limited to, Common Origination and Disbursement (COD), National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS), E-Apps, AmeriCorps, The Knowledge Center (ED), FAA Access, and Federal Student Aid- FSA Partner Connect (ED -System with Dashboards), etc.
    3. Oversee the maintenance of the financial aid module within Colleague to include the required annual setup and implement financial aid processes using Colleague
    4. Utilize various in-house applications and/or platforms as supplements to Colleague to perform checks and balances and ensure the accurate and efficient running of the various financial aid programs. (Eagle Program working with the Business Office and the State Auditor)


Assist the Dean of Students with other duties as assigned including but not limited to:

    1. Assist in the development and execution of a departmental assessment plan
    2. Maintain statistical records necessary for various reports and administrative decisions
    3. Coordinate outreach with the Director of Enrollment Management and the Recruiter
    4. Provide coverage in Student Services in the evening as needed
    5. Participate in college committees including but not limited to:
      • Financial Aid
      • Curriculum Committee
      • Powers Promise Scholarship Committee
      • ICC Institutional Scholarship Committee
      • Regional Financial Aid committees


Prepare state, federal, and area-specific reports

    1. Prepare and submit the Fiscal Operation Report and Application to Participate (FISAP) to the Department of Education (ED)
    2. NCHED A-10 to the North Carolina Community College System
    3. Prepare and submit end-of-the-year reports pertaining to the disbursement of state aid
    4. Prepare and submit all other reports relating to financial aid as required

How to Apply

Complete an online application packet at


Job Post Contact

Charity Allen