Director, Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs

Director, Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs


Rockingham Community College
215 Wrenn Memorial Road
Wentworth, NC 27375
Phone: 336-342-4261

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  • Professional

Application Period

Opens: Monday, March 25, 2024
Closes: Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Target Start Date

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Expected Work Hours

M-Th 8am - 5pm, F 8am - 3pm

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Vice President for Student Development

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Minimum Qualifications

Master's Degree

Preferred Qualifications

Master's Degree in business administration, finance/accounting, higher education administration, and other related field.

Position Description

The Director is responsible for the administration and development of college-wide comprehensive financial aid and veterans' affairs services. The Director provides leadership for development and implementation of strategies aimed at enrollment management and retention as it relates to students and financial aid benefits. The Director implements, supervises, and participates in the design, organization, and evaluation of Student Service functions as they relate to assisting financial aid students in continuing their education. Furthermore, the Director has key responsibilities for various functions that are connected with other operating units including Technology Support Services, Institutional Research, Academic Affairs Office, Business Office, and RCC Foundation.

Job Duties

  1. Research and interpret federal and state regulations in order to develop and administer college policy and procedures for all areas of financial aid and veterans’ affairs in compliance with appropriate federal and state regulations.  Promulgate them to faculty, staff, and administration to ensure compliance. 
  2. Research appropriate regulations and literature, attend professional meeting, conference, and workshops beneficial to the operation of the comprehensive financial aid and veteran affairs office and programs.   Interpret new regulations and implement procedures to handle them.  Conduct regular Federal Student Aid Handbook reviews in order to meet compliance requirements. 
  3. Oversee the procedures for the administration and processing of all applications for federal aid and veterans’ assistance. 
  4. Oversee the NCTAP and Default Prevention Program via the NCSEAA portal. 
  5. Compile and update Cost of Attendance student expense budgets.
  6. Control the process of reviewing and determining eligibility of all applicants for various types of financial aid.
  7. Supervises the notification of awards to eligible students.
  8. Disseminate financial aid information to students through workshops, individual counseling, publications, and college website. 
  9. Implement procedures to ensure compliance with all mandated regulations and requirements for RCC scholarship awards.
  10. Work in conjunction with the RCC Foundation Office and with local clubs and organizations in the establishment of scholarships. Supervise the administration of the RCC Foundation Scholarship application, awarding, and reconciliation process.  Assist with administration of the third-party scholarship software program.
  11. Compile and submit in a timely manner all required institutional reports to designated agencies, including FISAP, IPEDS, NCHED, NC Child Care Report, Targeted Assistance and Less than halftime funds.
  12. Coordinate with Associate VP for Technology and Institutional Effectiveness and Academic Affairs Office on IPEDS reporting and various other grant related application and reporting information.
  13. Maintain specific, extensive working relationships with Campus Security, Advising, Business Office, Foundation Office, Records Office, Faculty, and Admissions Office as it relates to Financial Aid institution wide requirements, rules, and regulations.
  14. Participate in the college-wide marketing of financial aid services and programs, including the development of financial aid publications and other resources to communicate the availability of aid to prospective students and families. 
  15. Supervise and lead the staff of the Financial Aid Office.
  16. Develop and administer an ongoing evaluation of policies, procedures, activities, and personnel of the office and make necessary changes.  
  17. Supervise the documentation of records of institution, federal, and state audits and review purposes.
  18. Incorporate the participation of staff in both on and off campus events and financial aid information sessions for parents, students, and the community.
  19. Recommend and request budget support for the Financial Aid Office.  Request funding for work study and Student aid grants funds from the RCC Foundation on a yearly basis.
  20. Serve on the Scholarship Committee, CIS Committee, Curriculum Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, Enrollment Management Committee, One College Concept Task Force and other college committees as requested or appointed.
  21. Provide guidance to the Academic Affairs areas pertaining to the impact of financial aid regulations on academic program development.
  22. Oversee the administration of the student employment (work-study) program, and the NC Child Grant Program. 
  23. Coordinate assignments of Work Study students with various departments within the college to meet the needs of the student and the department.
  24. Coordinate with the Director of Human Resources Office on Work Study student employees campus-wide.
  25. Set-up, administer, and maintain annually the Financial Aid Module in Colleague.  Coordinate review and testing of patches with Technology Support Services.
  26. Understand and build complex query data in Informer.   Analyze statistical data for college in regards to enrollment management and retention as it related to financial aid students and make recommendations to administration.
  27. Set-up, administer, and maintain Self Service Financial Aid modules.
  28. Oversee Etrieve Content for office records, and scanning processes used for all student records in compliance with state and federal retention record policies.
  29. Maintain current knowledge of all federal requirements and awareness of websites in order to have the ability to implement the requirements to maintain passwords and update users with DOE.  Maintain website knowledge of NSLDS, COD, SAIG, FAA Access, FSA, CFNC, and VA Enrollment Management.
  30. Update the federal Program Participation Agreement (PPA) to ensure institutional ability to provide financial aid for programs eligible for aid.  Consult, as needed, with Academic Affairs area to confirm academic program elements that pertain to the PPA. 
  31. Build professional relationships both on and off campus.  Promote to the community RCC and the financial aid opportunities that are available.   
  32. Establish and maintain cooperative relationships with other appropriate groups outside the college including but not limited to high school guidance counselors, local financial and veteran organizations, and governmental agencies. 
  33. Work with NCSEAA, including hosting the annual FAFSA Day and participation in the Summer Internship Program, as long as these events or experiences are continued.
  34. Plan community wide events and programming related to financial aid awareness and financial literacy. 
  35. Oversee the balancing of accounts, including the RCC Scholarships and Federal and State awards.  (Oversee balancing between GL, COD and Federal and State Accounts.)
  36. Supervise the administration of budgets for the various financial aid programs, scholarships, and veterans’ benefits. 
  37. Work closely with the Controller to coordinate funding and payment of federal and state funds (including, but not limited to, receipt of funds for outside aid).
  38. Certify student enrollment for private loans when initiated by students.
  39. Control the authorization of all disbursement of student financial aid funds.
  40. Counsel students in the area of student expenses, financial aid, default prevention, and personal counseling as it relates to Satisfactory Academic Progress. 
  41. Coordinate professional judgement applications and resolve student grievances and appeals as they related to the Financial Aid Office. 
  42. Implement and maintain Degree Audit for paying financial aid to students to ensure students are only receiving federal/state aid for courses in their program of study.  Maintain knowledge of academic areas, programs of study, and requirements to ensure compliance. 
  43. Oversee office compliance with Federal R2T4s and State return of funds when applicable after students officially or unofficially withdraw from all courses.
  44. Establish bookstore dates each semester for use of Financial Aid funds.
  45. Perform monthly reconciliation of Federal funding in both COD and Colleague. 
  46. Oversee the required Transfer Monitoring process.
  47. Resolve Potential Over Payments and MRLRs as indicated by CPS.
  48. Perform annual FA Colleague setup for the upcoming academic year.  Oversee testing to confirm setup has been implemented successfully prior to receiving new ISIRs.

Perform other related duties as incidental to the work described herein.

How to Apply

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Job Post Contact

Joy Chappell
Director of Human Resources
(336) 342-4261, ext. 2265