Director of Nursing Education Programs

Director of Nursing Education Programs


McDowell Technical Community College
54 College Drive
Marion, NC 28752
Phone: 828-652-6021

Job Location

54 College Drive, Marion, NC 


commensurate with experience


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Job Category

  • Executive/Administrative/Managerial

Application Period

Opens: Wednesday, November 8, 2023
Closes: Monday, November 20, 2023

Target Start Date

Monday, January 1, 2024

Expected Work Hours


Reports to

Department Chair, Health Sciences

Employment Type

full-time permanent

Minimum Qualifications

Education must be commensurate with academic area and within the guidelines of the North Carolina Community College System and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.  Faculty must demonstrate competence in subject matter and be dedicated to adult and community college education.  Faculty must be competent in oral and written communication and in use of technology.


    Minimum Requirements

    • Master’s Degree in Nursing from an accredited institution.
    • Currently holds an active unencumbered license or multistate licensure privilege to practice as a registered nurse in North Carolina.
    • Minimum of 2 years of full-time experience as a faculty member in a Board-approved nursing program;
    • Minimum of 2 years of full-time clinical nursing experience.
    • Computer skills including Word, Excel and Power Point.
    • CEUs and/or advanced education in Nursing Education.

    See job description for additional requirements.

    Preferred Qualifications

    Preferred Qualifications

    • 5 years or more experience as a full-time faculty member in a board-approved nursing program.
    • Experience at the Coordinator or Assistant Director level.

    Position Description

    General Responsibilities:

    Under the direct supervision of the Health Sciences Department Chair in accordance with the overall plan of the College, the Director of Nursing Education Programs will provide effective learning conditions for all students through the design, planning, organization, execution and evaluation of Nursing Education Programs. The Director of Nursing Education Programs will directly supervise faculty (full-time and part-time) and will be responsible for the hiring of faculty with appropriate credentials for the nursing education programs. The Director shall be collaborative with all areas of the college to offer learning opportunities to meet local and regional workforce demands.

    Specific Responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for the direction, coordination, and supervision of the Nursing Education Programs.
    2. Collaborate with the Department Chair, Dean, VP and program faculty in developing, marketing, implementing, scheduling and evaluating the curriculum and program outcomes of nursing education programs.
    3. Maintains North Carolina Board of Nursing Standard’s, North Carolina Community College System’s requirements, and other legal requirements in all areas of the program.
    4. Assists the Department Chair, Dean or VP in determining the requirements for personnel, physical space, equipment, materials and other resources needed to operate curriculum programs.
    5. Responsible for the supervisory and evaluation process for staff, faculty within the nursing programs.
    6. Coordinates the selection and appointment of nursing faculty based upon qualifications and standards established by the North Carolina Board of Nursing, including validating and documenting current unrestricted license to practice as a registered nurse in North Carolina.
    7. Coordinate orientation and mentoring program for full-time and part-time adjunct faculty. Mentors full-time and part-time instructors to ensure quality instruction, measure course outcomes, develop outlines and assessments, and completion of forms, grades, and attendance reports, if needed.
    8. The Director shall collaborate with the department chair to address any personnel issues or performance in a timely manner.
    9. Collaborate with the department chair to develop a budget for the nursing program with appropriate administrative personnel.
    10. Lead comprehensive program evaluations as outlines in the Program Evaluation Plan with involvement of faculty, students, and graduates.
    11. Convenes and documents all nursing program committee meetings on a regular and timely basis including the following:
      1. Admissions Committee: Collaborate with nursing faculty to develop, evaluate and revise policies for admission, progression, retention to support students in meeting graduation requirements within institutional channels and current NC Board of Nursing Standards.
      2. Student Review Committee: Coordinate referral of students with faculty for issues related to patient care, student performance, attitude, and behavior, moral, ethical, character and conduct, legal issues, probationary status, excessive or questionable absence or tardies (according to course syllabus) and progression in the program.
      3. Pinning Ceremony: collaborates with student class officers, faculty and department chair to coordinate pinning ceremony for nursing education programs.
      4. Advisory Committee: Coordinate with the department chair and participate in departmental and program advisory committee meetings.
    12. Coordinates with nursing faculty to ensure appropriate selection of students for the nursing programs based upon admission criteria.
    13. Coordinates class, lab and clinical scheduling for the nursing education programs for Curriculum and Continuing Education classes, including seamless course articulation from non-credit to credit if applicable to program area.
    14. Develops yearly clinical space requests for all hospitals and other agencies within their time frames for request.
    15. Participates in academic guidance and counseling as appropriate.
    16. Participates in professional development activities through continuing education offered by the college and/or through professional organization membership and facilitate active involvement and participation of faculty in necessary continuing education activities.
    17. Ensures nursing faculty shall be sufficient in number to implement according to the course objectives and the nature of the learning environment. The faculty/student ration in clinical areas shall depend upon the level of the students and the acuity of the clients, with a ratio of 1:10 or less.
    18. Maintains current and permanent student official records with storage that prevents damage and unauthorized use.
    19. Facilitates resolution to problems, disputes and concerns that arise on a day-to-day basis in an appropriate manner.
    20. Submits verification forms to the North Carolina Board of Nursing immediately after graduates complete program requirements and assist students with application process for NCLEX.
    21. In coordination with the Department chair reviews clinical contracts on a yearly basis to ensure compliance with North Carolina Board of Nursing standards and applicable legal requirements.
    22. Assist the Student Services Department with registration duties and responsibilities related to respective curriculum area(s).
    23. Schedule and post regular, on campus, office hours for consultations with faculty and students.
    24. Accurately complete and submit paperwork in a timely manner to the appropriate areas, including: office hours, course syllabus for each course taught, attendance rosters, grade sheets, drop/add forms, independent study forms, course substitutions, credit by exam forms, surveys, etc.
    25.  Recommend textbooks, course materials, and equipment with the Department Chair, Dean, VP and program faculty in accordance with the college’s purchasing/ordering procedures.
    26. Monitors inventory of supplies; maintains safety and sanitation measures to meet North Carolina Board of Nursing requirements. Maintains awareness of budget and department needs.
    27. Support the college in planning and implementation of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
    28. Actively recruit students by participating (as schedule permits) in recruiting functions on and off campus.
    29. Actively recruit full-time and part-time faculty as required.
    30. Implement all policies as established by the Board of Trustees.
    31. Maintains current knowledge in the appropriate academic fields; participates in staff development programs, workshops, seminars, and other continuing education programs as appropriate.
    32. Serves as spokesperson and advocate for Nursing Education program faculty.
    33. Develop and maintain relationships with clinical agencies to encourage graduate employment.
    34. Perform other duties as assigned.

    How to Apply

    Submit an MTCC application and resume: 


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    Breanna Wilson

    McDowell Technical Community College

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    Marion, NC 28752 


    In-person to- Breanna Wilson, MTCC, 54 College Drive (Marion, NC), Cedar Building, Business Office


    Offers of employment are contingent upon receipt of official transcripts.


    If you have questions, contact Breanna Wilson by email, phone or fax:


    phone: 828-652-0618

    fax: 828-659-0401

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