Director Simulation Center (Outpatient/Simulations) Req.#4749

Director Simulation Center (Outpatient/Simulations) Req.#4749


Central Piedmont Community College
1201 Elizabeth Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28235
Phone: 704-330-2722

Job Location

Cental Campus


$59,608 - $95,372


Full Time - State of NC Health Plan

Job Category

  • Executive/Administrative/Managerial

Application Period

Opens: Wednesday, April 13, 2022
Closes: Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Target Start Date

Monday, May 2, 2022

Expected Work Hours

Monday-Friday; as early as 7am and could be as late as 6pm, depending on activity in the center

Reports to

Dean of Health Sciences

Employment Type

Full Time 12 Months

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree from a regionally accredited institution credentialed to teach in an area within Health Sciences or a bachelor’s degree in simulation.

Three years community college teaching and or simulation experience

Credentialed as CSHE (certified simulation health educator) or CHSOS (certified health simulation ops specialist)

Preferred Qualifications

Master's Degree


Working Conditions:

Laboratory environment

Position Description

This position works as part of team to develop and implement simulation-based education designed to enhance student learning, quality in healthcare, and patient safety. The main focus of a Simulation Director is to plan, organize and direct the instructional and administrative activities in the Simulation center; provides leadership that will ensure a quality instructional simulation process; meeting course learning outcomes and equitable access to space.  Responsible for initial and ongoing accreditation of the state of the art inpatient and outpatient Simulation Center.  

​The successful candidate will ensure Sim Ops and Sim Educators work collaboratively with content expert faculty to ensure quality simulation scenarios are developed and executed to meet the student or course learning outcomes and the internal simulation center guidelines and procedures.  Previous experience in simulation preferred. Knowledge of multiple healthcare disciplines a plus as the center serves fourteen nursing and allied health programs and inter-professional events are strongly encouraged. 


General Function

Plans, organizes and directs the instructional and administrative activities in the Simulation center; provides leadership that will ensure a quality instructional simulation process; meeting course learning outcomes and equitable access to space. Responsible for initial and ongoing accreditation of the Simulation Center. Coordinates assigned activities with other College divisions. Credentialed in at least one degree or program area in the Health Sciences unit.


Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities

I.  Teaching Excellence and Student Success

1. Provides support and direction to program faculty to ensure that simulation objectives are aligned with the course objectives and are measurable. Simulation events scheduled to meet student needs at all locations/times/formats.

2. Reviews and recommends guidelines for Central Piedmont simulation center according to the
Healthcare Simulation Standards of Best Practices to ensure a quality evidence based simulation
program for all students.

3. The Director may teach up to six-load units per academic year.

II.  Faculty and Staff Support and Coaching

4. Provides Simulation Center Orientations to all staff, faculty and students before they engage in simulation activities. Provides additional training in specific areas such as pre briefing, debriefing, assessment, objectives and use of Learning Space.

5. Reviews and recommends for approval and monitors the use of all simulation center equipment and supplies.

6. Mentors faculty and staff and is actively engaged in suggestions of professional development
opportunities. Facilitates succession planning.

III.  Leadership

7. Participates in the development, planning, recommendation, implementation, and administration of goals and objectives for the simulation center; develops and recommends new or modified simulations for the programs, and supports all instructional initiatives of the Health Sciences unit.

8. Participates in the marketing of the simulation center. Establishes and leads the advisory board for the simulation center. Coordinates with outside partners, access to the simulation center as available.

9. Coordinates operations within the simulation center; participates in the development and
administration of the simulation center budgets; forecasts and recommends funds needed for
staffing, equipment, materials, and supplies; monitors and recommends approval of expenditures.

10. Develops and oversees equipment maintenance schedules and other procedures to ensure the simulation center is running efficiently and effectively.

IV.  College Administration and Institutional Reporting

11. Develops and serves on committees and task forces; attends regularly scheduled meetings;
researches and develops recommendations related to the operation of the simulation center.

12. Confers with and advises appropriate administrators; makes timely response to requests for
information. Coordinates assigned instructional and administrative activities with those of other
instructional programs and outside agencies and organizations.

V.  Talent Development, Supervision and Staff Selection

13. Manages the supervision, hiring, evaluation and professional development plans of full-time
Simulation Ops technicians and Simulation Educators; oversee the recruitment, selection, and
evaluation of part-time staff or admin in the simulation center.

VI.  Other

14. Represents and performs other duties for the College as requested.


Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Characteristics

*  Models effective leadership and interpersonal skills, uses principles of supervision including coaching, talent development, employee training and performance evaluation

*  Practices, models, and supervises the work of others in the dental programs in using student-centered methods and techniques for program wide planning, instruction, assessment, advisement, program evaluation, and enhancement. Employs principles and practices of program management that ensure a “students-first” consideration in constructing and delivering currently relevant, responsive to the industry, college-level curriculum and career guidance. Works with all stakeholders in a program on processes for increasing retention and completion.

*  Collaborates with Marketing to effectively advertise by soliciting industry and community input leading to enhanced student awareness of business and industry opportunities in a global economy.

*  Supports strategic planning utilizing organizational and management best practices resulting in a data driven budget process to ensure efficient and effective use of financial, capital, and human resources needed for student success.

How to Apply

Qualified applicants should apply to:
Central Piedmont is committed to equal employment opportunities.

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