Education Coordinator

Education Coordinator


Haywood Community College
185 Freedlander Drive
Clyde, NC 28721
Phone: 828-627-2821

Job Location

Haywood Community College, 185 Freedlander Dr, Clyde, NC  28721


$28,328.00 - $36,296.00


Full benefit package. HCC participates in the NC State Health and TSERS pension plans

Job Category

  • Technical/Paraprofessional

Application Period

Opens: Thursday, July 15, 2021
Closes: Thursday, September 30, 2021

Target Start Date

Monday, November 1, 2021

Expected Work Hours

M-F; approximately 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reports to

Director of the Regional Center for the Advancement of Children

Employment Type

Full-time position

Minimum Qualifications

Must be of 21 years of age or older.  AAS degree in Early Childhood Education.  3-5 years of experience working with young children in an educational setting.  Meet Lead Teacher qualifications. Previous administration/management/supervisory experience.  Within one year on the job, must obtain Level I Administrative Certificate or up to Level III.  Applicant must possess excellent communications, organization, problem solving, and computer skills.  


Preferred Qualifications

Meet minimum requirements and hold Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education or related degree. Experience working with Creative Curriculum and environmental rating scales.  Experience with budgetary and grant writing responsibilities.

Position Description



Staff and Human Relations

  1. Knowledge of application of group dynamics, communication styles, and techniques for conflict resolution
  2. Ability to relate to staff, parents, children, and community of diverse racial, cultural and ethnic backgrounds
  3. Ensures the college’s personnel policies and procedures
  4. Develop a staffing plan to reflect enrollment patterns/ Coordinate Weekly Scheduling for Classrooms, serves as point of contact for staff with scheduling changes
  5. Promote active involvement from staff through mentoring
  6. Create and implement an orientation for new staff using best in class methods with a focus on student learning and development.
  7. Create and implement ongoing learning plans for teachers during their first months of employment
  8. Serves as back-up in the absence of the director
  9. Tracks lead teacher and teacher assistant requirements and helps to connect opportunities as needed
  10. Observes classrooms and provides feedback to employees and supervisors.

Educational Programming

  1. Knowledge of practices that promote the inclusion of children with special needs
  2. Designs appropriate room arrangements to support the goals of the classroom
  3. Develop and implement grouping practices that promote continuity and stability
  4. Planning and implementing a child-centered curriculum (Creative Curriculum)
  5. Help in preparation of the environmental rating scales
  6. Assist in lesson planning and make sure class rooms are developing age appropriate lesson plans
  7. Observe and assist classroom staff when behavior modification is needed

Program and Facilities Management

  1. Knowledge and application and procedures that meet regulations pertaining to the health and safety of young children
  2. Knowledge of the nutritional and health requirements for food services (CACFP)
  3. Designing and arranging space to meet children, staff, and parent’s needs
  4. Developing a system to maintain accurate documentation for children, staff, and families
  5. Implementing and following emergency procedures

Marketing and Public Practices

  1. Knowledge of fundamentals of effective marketing, public relations, and community outreach
  2. The ability to communicate the program’s mission and promote positive public image to parents and community
  3. Participate in the development of a business plan and effective promotional literature, handbooks, and newsletters
  4. Conducting an assessment to determine community needs
  5. Evaluating center practices and implementing a program improvement plan

Family Support 

  1. The ability to support parents as valued partners in the educational process
  2. Promotes open communication with parents through monthly newsletters and semi-annual parent conferences
  3. Provides a variety of ways that families can participate in the program
  4. Involving families in the evaluation of program
  5. Encourages parents to participant in the program
  6. Locates resources for families 

Additional Responsibilities

Family Support

 Parent newsletters

  • Monthly newsletters to include information to families about curriculum/etc.

Parent comment box

  • Daily respond to comments in the comment box 

 Classroom notebook

  • Information to include lesson plans, emergency information, required documentation, etc.

Monthly progress notes

  • Teachers will fill out weekly then send home at the end of the month


  • Weekly schedule; arrange weekly schedule to cover child/staff ratios
  • Monthly timesheets for staff members 
  • Contracts for staff members 
  • Daily checklist
  • Monthly checklist

Additional duties as assigned by Director of RCAC


How to Apply




The following is necessary for consideration:

  • Official Haywood Community College employment application online found at our jobs page:  
  • The application must be complete for consideration - do not reference resume. A resume is suggested but does not take the place of any questions or details that you need to provide in order to be qualified for the position.  Unofficial transcripts must be included for the application process. Most unofficial transcripts can be downloaded from college/university websites. Official transcripts of all secondary education must be submitted to Human Resources within 10 days of any offer of employment.  
  • References may not be current HCC employee. Candidates must provide three professional references with email addresses.  At least one reference must be a current or previous supervisor.  
  • College screening committee is responsible for application review, interviews, and recommends the candidate to HR. Upon completion of the hire process in HR, President approval is required in the hire of a candidate.  
  • HCC is a tobacco free campus 

HCC is an equal opportunity institution and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, sex, age, disability, genetic information and veteran status    

Job Post Contact

185 Freedlander Dr

Clyde, NC 28721