Executive Director for Marketing and Public Relations

Executive Director for Marketing and Public Relations


Fayetteville Technical Community College
2201 Hull Road
Fayetteville, NC 28303
Phone: 910-678-8400


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Job Category

  • Executive/Administrative/Managerial

Application Period

Opens: Thursday, August 1, 2019
Closes: Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Target Start Date

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Expected Work Hours

Full Time

Employment Type


Minimum Qualifications

Four years of increasingly responsible experience in, leadership, budget duties, experience in marketing, communications, public relations, business, government, education, or a related field.

A Master’s degree in education, marketing, public relations, communications, broadcasting, or a related field from an accredited college or university, or equivalent.

Preferred Qualifications


Position Description

Announcement Summary

Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) is seeking qualified applicants for the following exempt position of Executive Director for Marketing and Public Relations. The Executive Director reports directly to the President and is responsible for the branding, marketing, promotion, public relations, media releases, sports information releases and direct supervision of the marketing and public relations and media service departments. The Executive Director creates and maintains currency of a strategic communication plan promoting an annual planning cycle for recurring public releases, marketing the College’s positive image across different media outlets, including print, online, social media, internet, TV, radio and other broadcast media channels. He/she develops and implements strategies toward reaching specific targeted audiences to increase College enrollments and retention. Activities include the development and production of College publications and promotional literature as appropriate to meet differing media expectations; coordinate College public relations events, and create marketing and public relations videos and radio releases.


Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Serve as liaison between the media, the College President, and Board of Trustees.

Develop integrated media and communication strategies supporting the College’s mission and purpose statements, coordinating public relations coverage in top-tier media outlets, and generating positive media reports associated with increased enrollments, graduates, transfers to other colleges/universities, or successes post-graduation in the workplace.

Represent the College at community and outside organizations, business networking functions, social events, and related activities.

Prepare press releases, story-lines, talking points, video-production, speeches, presentations, and other supporting materials, as needed.

Design and implement timely athletics news releases, including but not limited to, upcoming games, scores, athlete and team successes, and public-interest stories related to the College’s sports activities.

Market current and new programs of instruction, and curriculum and corporate/continuing education classes well in advance of the start date for classes allowing ample time for student registrations.

Manage the marketing and public relations division budget to allow for year round marketing and publicity within budgetary constraints.

Conceptualize, plan, develop, and execute branding and promotional campaigns based on market research and demographic information supplied by the College and outside sources; develop demographic information to support College promotional efforts.

Develop and implement a variety of national, state-level and regional branding, promotional and public relations activities, special events and functions including publicity, advertising, and promotional plans and strategies.

Coordinate, manage, and maintain the College’s website.

Develop, design, and ensure diversity is represented in the production of promotional materials (print and electronic) with academic and administrative staff; provide advice and assistance regarding publication and materials development for all appropriate media.

Coordinate information released to the press and broadcast media; provide information and assistance to members of the press and broadcast media; prepare news releases; generate media coverage of College events.

Coordinate media coverage, across varying publicity methods, for College events, recognitions of individual success of students, faculty, staff and administrators, College ranking in national, state and local publications, and/or other College-related/Student successes.

Develop and coordinate the College’s Annual Report in collaboration with the President.

Serve as first point of public information during a campus emergency.

Assist the President with coordination and facilitation requirements for the monthly Board of Trustee meeting, including meals and other logistics for the meeting.

Perform related duties as assigned.

How to Apply

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