Faculty, Nursing (12 months)

Faculty, Nursing (12 months)


Craven Community College
800 College Court
New Bern, NC 28562
Phone: 252-638-7200

Job Location

800 College Court

New Bern, North Carolina, 28562




Full Time Benefits

Job Category

  • Instructional (Faculty)

Application Period

Opens: Friday, February 9, 2024
Closes: Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Target Start Date

Monday, April 15, 2024

Expected Work Hours

40 hours

Reports to

Dean of Health Programs

Employment Type

Full Time

Minimum Qualifications

Master’s degree in Nursing from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning OR a bachelor’s degree in Nursing with completion of MSN degree within three years of employment.

Registered Nurse (RN) holding a current unrestricted license to practice as a registered nurse in North Carolina.

At least two (2) calendar years of the equivalent of full-time clinical experience as a registered nurse.

Nursing faculty who teach in a program leading to initial licensure as a nurse shall, prior to or within the first three (3) years of employment, must have preparation in teaching and learning principles for adult education, including curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation, appropriate to assignment.

Current CPR certification.

Valid NC Drivers' License.

Preferred Qualifications

Community college teaching experience.

Position Description

Occupational Summary


The Nursing faculty member is a 12-month position that is primarily responsible for teaching in the Associate Degree and/or Practical Nursing programs. This position plans, organizes, teaches, and provides feedback to promote and direct student learning in keeping with Craven Community College’s learning centered values in a manner that meets the essential competencies of a Craven Community College educator. Nursing faculty respond to students in a timely manner and communicate with the discipline and department via college-provided tools and resources. Nursing faculty will teach 18 to 20 contact hours each semester or as designated by the Director of Nursing Programs.


Essential Duties & Responsibilities


Craven Community College is a comprehensive institution of higher learning which places emphasis on excellence in classroom, simulation lab and clinical instruction. Nursing Faculty have the following duties and are expected to demonstrate and maintain competency in each of the following areas throughout their employment with the college.


Clinical Responsibilities 

  • Plans, organizes, and manages patient clinical assignments for students, taking into consideration student level, patient acuity, clinical course objectives and staff input
  • Collaborates with other faculty, unit managers and unit staff to assist students in meeting course and clinical objectives
  • Monitors student progress and provides instruction and constructive feedback as needed
  • Provides weekly written feedback to students on written assignments and anecdotal
  • Evaluates student achievement of clinical objectives
  • Plans and conducts pre and post conferences
  • Consults with the Director of Nursing or the lead faculty member for recommendations regarding student remediation and/or unsafe practice
  • Maintains clinical facility requirements such as CORE orientation, facility orientation, immunizations, PPD verification, and CPR certification


Mastery of Subject Matter

  • Demonstrates a thorough and accurate knowledge of their field or discipline
  • Displays an ability to interpret and evaluate the theories of their field or discipline
  • Connects their subject matter with related fields
  • Stays current in their subject matter through professional development, involvement in professional organizations, and attending professional meetings, conferences, and workshops
  • Learns and uses technology to enhance teaching and the educational experience when appropriate


Teaching Performance

  • Plans, organizes, reviews, and updates course content to provide instruction in ways that maximize documented student learning
  • Employs appropriate teaching and learning strategies to communicate subject matter to students
  • Modifies, where appropriate, instructional methods and strategies to meet diverse student needs
  • Employs available instructional technology, i.e. the Internet, virtual reality, telecourses, simulations, and other interactive technology when appropriate
  • Encourages the development of communication skills and higher order thinking skills through appropriate assignments
  • Incorporates core competencies into curriculum
  • Develops, updates, and submits required documentation including course syllabi, student attendance and other information in accordance with program and college policies
  • Provides ADA-compliant material and other accommodations to students that have proper documentation


Evaluation of Student Learning

  • Establishes and utilizes meaningful student learning outcomes for courses/programs.
  • Develops and uses various assessment methods to evaluate student progress and mastery of course and program outcomes.
  • Evaluates student performance fairly and consistently 
  • Provides feedback on student's progress, in a timely manner, to facilitate academic success
  • Maintains accurate records of student progress and submits final grade rosters each semester according to established deadlines
  • Demonstrates sensitivity to student needs and circumstances


Support of College Policies and Procedures

  • Teaches classes as assigned in a multi-campus environment
  • Maintains confidentiality of student information
  • Disseminates current information pertaining to services available to students throughout the college 
  • Exercises stewardship of College facilities and materials
  • Responds in a timely fashion to information requests from College, division, and program administrators
  • Posts all final grades no later than the required date for each term as listed on the College academic calendar
  • Participates in appropriate committees and task forces as assigned; may be assigned duties as an academic advisor; faculty advisor to a student club or organization; work in the Academic Skills Center; and/or mentoring other faculty 
  • Performs other job-related duties and projects as assigned in support of the College's mission, core values and goals

On campus/Seated Class Expectations

  • Adequately prepares for each class session, which may include, but is not limited to, reviewing/creating appropriate material for instructional delivery, appropriate assessments, and classroom activities
  • Takes attendance in each class, which includes posting to Self Service for the census date, and posting after the census date according to college policy including finalizing the attendance at the end of the applicable term


Online/Hybrid Class Expectations


  • Have an active presence in online and hybrid classes. This can be accomplished through regular announcements in the News forum, instructor contributions in forums and journals, scheduled chats, substantive feedback on student work, lesson summaries, and email and/or messages to individual students
  • Instructors are encouraged to schedule assignment due dates to occur on weekdays to ensure they are available to answer questions in a timely manner. At a minimum, instructors should reply to student questions within 24 hours on weekdays or within 48 hours over the weekend or holidays
  • Grades and returns all assignments (which include all quizzes, tests, written assignments) within 1 week for 8-week courses OR 2 weeks for 12-week and 16-week courses
  • Utilizes the Moodle gradebook (or other academic department pre-approved gradebook) to post grades for students so they can easily view their progress in the course
  • Use at least one form of assessment other than the online quizzes and tests that are automatically graded via Moodle’s assessment manager. Assessments may include a variety of activities or assignments that are completed in Journals, Blogs, Wikis, Assignments and Forums.  These alternative assessments provide an avenue for instructor feedback to the student and do not rely solely on automatic grading in Moodle.
  • Monitor attendance in each class, which includes posting to Self Service for the census date, submitting appropriate notifications when a student is inactive in a class for a week and finalizing the attendance at the end of the applicable term

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities



  • Comprehensive knowledge of health programs concepts, theories, and practices with the ability to use in complex and/or difficult situations as it pertains to the departmental focus
  • Current trends in health programs education and administration 
  • Curriculum design and program development processes and techniques for Nursing programs
  • College educational philosophy, management and administrative practices and procedures
  • North Carolina Board of Nursing standards as it relates to areas of responsibility
  • Adult learning theory, concepts, and teaching methodologies
  • Learning-centered values and student success initiatives 
  • Principles, procedures and practices of data collection and analysis 
  • Knowledge of and commitment to the role of the community college system 


  • Develop consistent and timely formative and summative assessment measures to enhance learning 
  • Clinical competency and professional standards of practice in health programs
  • Proficiency in technological systems and general office software as they apply to instructional, administrative, and workplace needs including PC’s, Macs, iPads, tablets, Chromebooks, and related software
  • Proficiency in planning work activities, schedules, priorities, and utilization of resources
  • Design learning opportunities that promote student life skills development while enhancing discipline learning
  • Develop and implement diverse teaching and learning strategies that accommodate the learning styles of students and that promote both acquisition and applications of knowledge and understanding  


  • Commitment to stay current and continually improve knowledge and understanding of the discipline
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with students, staff, faculty, and health care representatives 
  • Handle confidential information with absolute discretion
  • Ability to innovate and accommodate change
  • Ability to work with a flexible schedule within a team environment
  • Commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion; demonstrated ability to work effectively with a culturally diverse workforce, including those with different levels of academic preparation and varying physical and learning abilities, and socioeconomic levels
  • Effectively communicate interpersonally (in group and one-on-one settings), verbally, and in writing 

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Craven Community College