FT College Liaison - Roanoke Rapids Early College

FT College Liaison - Roanoke Rapids Early College


Halifax Community College
100 College Drive
Weldon, NC 27890
Phone: 252-536-2551

Job Location

Weldon, NC


Depends on Qualifications


State of NC

Job Category

  • Professional

Application Period

Opens: Tuesday, December 15, 2020
Closes: Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Target Start Date

Friday, January 31, 2020

Expected Work Hours

Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Employment Type

Full Time Position

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree
  • Four years of relevant experience
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Demonstrated mastery of relevant technological capacities (e.g. Microsoft Office suite)

Preferred Qualifications

  • Master’s degree in education, public affairs, or related field and/or a state teacher certification 
  • 2 years of experience working in a rural school setting 
  • Experience working in higher education 
  • Experience utilizing a student information system
  • Experience advising and retention of students

Position Description

The College Liaison serves as an intermediary between Halifax Community College and Roanoke Rapids Graded School District, particularly Roanoke Rapids Early College and Roanoke Rapids High School.  The College Liaison is focused on strengthening student performance and expanding students' prospects to include postsecondary educational opportunities and career goals.  Through this partnership, the students are able to earn college credits toward their associate degree while earning a high school diploma.  Working together with the college and school personnel, the Liaison seeks to maintain and develop collaborations that serve to better prepare students for college and careers while nurturing mutual learning among the faculty, staff, and students at the partnering institutions.  This position serves students at Roanoke Rapids Early College and Career & College Promise (CCP) students at Roanoke Rapids High School.  The College Liaison is influential in facilitating students' progress and success by guaranteeing that appropriate collaborative support mechanisms are in place.  It is highly recommended that this person have experience working with both high school students and adults (i.e. professors, teachers, parents and school leadership).  The ability to develop and communicate with these interpersonal relationships needs to be combined with strong organizational skills around the various administrative responsibilities. 



Essential Functions:

Student Services -   40%

  •  Develop and implement guidelines, standards and criteria related to the students' eligibility for enrollment in different types of college courses (based on partner college and specific college department guidelines), in concert with the high school staff and college’s faculty.
  • Coordinate all activities related to college course-taking by high school students, including, but not limited to registration, course withdrawal, and the submission of final course grades and their dissemination to students, their parents, and to high school administrators in a timely fashion.
  • Create and implement biannual orientation programs for students and parents, outlining expectations, procedures, policies and criteria for the students’ successful completion of the college coursework.
  • Conduct parent outreach as it pertains to the college and career model and goals, which includes scheduling parent conferences when students are identified at “academic risk”, and/or have been recommended for formal withdrawal from a college course. This information must also be provided to school administrators.
  • Create and maintain student files, which include updated contact information, registration materials, student transcripts, state test results, and signed copies of student contracts (i.e., knowledge and agreement of student expectations and responsibilities in the successful completion of coursework, and in classroom behavior and participation).
  • Coordinate students' targeted intervention needs between the college partner and the high school staff academic and social support systems, such as tutoring, counseling, mentoring, assistance with completing any necessary applications, etc.
  • Provide annual college financial aid workshop for parents to attend in late January/early February.
  • Develop policies and procedures for students reporting and replacing lost and/or stolen ID cards and textbooks.

College and High School Instructional Personnel - 10%

  • Attend regular school planning committee meetings with college and school staff that focus primarily on the ongoing development of the scope and sequence of the school, the development of college partnership activities, and curriculum development. 
  • Coordinate with college faculty and staff to develop and implement programs that support early college goals (e.g. college course experiences for high school students, college speakers, trips to college offices, and non-academic events connected to the college).
  • Increase awareness of early college partnership at the college in order to garner support and recruit faculty members to participate in activities such as standing committees, professional development, and collaborative curriculum development with staff.
  • Coordinate college tutoring.
  • Participate in continuance communication with the college’s instructional staff with regard to student performance and early identification of students at academic risk, beginning as early as the first week of college classes during an academic semester. 

Communication and Collaboration -10%

  • Communicate with stakeholders (college, school, employers, industry partners, parents) in the development of the partnership (e.g. newsletter, emails, policy manuals, student manuals, student contracts, and data reports). 
  • Participate in committees and other related meetings to help shape school policies and decisions. 
  • Communicate to college administrators, faculty and staff the special school events at Halifax County Early College.
  • Clearly and frequently communicate with the high school's principal, and your HCC supervisor, preferably in person, to update them, request any major support and ask for input that is required from them. 
  • Participate in school planning meetings that involve decisions related to college-course taking.
  • Support the school’s guidance department in developing industry partnerships for students that include mentorships, credit-bearing internships, job-shadowing experiences, etc. as well as coordinate industry collaboration with teachers at the school.

Event Planning and Participation  -10%

  • Plan and participate in events that promote college readiness (i.e., High School Night, College Night) and academic celebrations (i.e., High School Awards Nights, Prospective Student Open Houses).
  • Create and implement student achievement recognition for students' success in their college’s coursework.

Budgets and Financial Resources -5%

  • Seek additional funding opportunities by identifying new revenue sources, including the writing and submission of development grants. 
  • Oversee the distribution and collection of college coursework materials such as textbooks. 

Statistical Reports and Student Success Data - 10%

  • Collaborate with the school on the monitoring and evaluation of program data as well as data from the city and state examinations to assess student progress and to make recommendations to improve student achievement in order to fulfill the school’s mission (i.e., improvement of a college readiness program, academic support services and completion of college coursework).
  • Create, administer, and summarize survey data at the end of each semester from college course instructors, parents and students.
  •  Report college course-taking data to steering committee and/or planning committees. All student data will be summarized at the end of each semester and annually to the school, college partner and key administrators.
  • Evaluation of student progression to determine if academic support services are needed to ensure success in the pathway (oversight needed to prevent academic probation).

Schedule and Workspace  - 10%

  • The Liaison will organize his/her weekly/monthly schedule and create a system for informing high school staff, administrators, college faculty and his/her supervisor of this schedule. 
  • Each semester the College Liaison will provide the school administrators and college supervisor(s) with a detailed schedule of the college courses the students are taking (i.e., the course title, course number, section, days and times, course instructor’s name, high school cohort currently enrolled in the course).
  • Throughout the semester, the College Liaison will periodically visit each course classes, and will provide a weekly schedule for students as to his/her daily advisement hours while at the college.
  • The Liaison will have a designated space at the Roanoke Rapids Early College to conduct work. 

Other duties as assigned by the Vice President of Academic Affairs - 5%

How to Apply

MUST READ Special Instructions and Additional Information to Applicants:

All applications for this position must be submitted directly via our online application system at https://www.schooljobs.com/careers/halifaxcc. Applications submitted through third party sites will not be accepted. Application packets for employment must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on the closing date. If multiple applications are submitted to an individual posting, only the most recent application received prior to the posting close date will be accepted. Resumes are not accepted in lieu of state applications. "See Attached Resume", etc. will result in an incomplete application. Resumes, cover letters, and all transcripts listed on application must be uploaded with your application.To receive credit, all relevant experience must be included in the work history section of the application. Any information omitted from the application but included in the resume will not be considered for qualifying credit. Persons eligible for Veteran's Preference must submit a copy of Form DD-214. 

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