Instructional Coordinator, Human Resources Management

Instructional Coordinator, Human Resources Management


Pitt Community College
1986 Pitt Tech Road
Winterville, NC 28590
Phone: 252-493-7200

Job Location

Winterville, NC


Depends upon Qualifications


FT Benefits

Job Category

  • Instructional (Faculty)

Application Period

Opens: Tuesday, March 5, 2019
Closes: Monday, September 30, 2019

Target Start Date

Friday, November 1, 2019

Expected Work Hours


Reports to

Department Chair, Business Administration.

Employment Type

Full-Time Position

Minimum Qualifications

Master's degree in Business Administration required. Master's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management preferred. One to two years of prior teaching experience at the community college level preferred and/or equivalent combination of education and related work experience and/or training in the human resource environment.  Prefer experience in working with the international community as well as the acquisition and implementation of grants. Bilingual candidate preferred.

Data Utilization:  Requires the ability to evaluate, audit, deduce, and/or assess data using established criteria. Includes exercising discretion in determining actual or probable consequences and in referencing such evaluation to identify and select alternatives.
Human Interaction:  Requires the ability to perform in a supervisory capacity over subordinate supervisors.
Equipment, Machinery, Tools, and Materials Utilization:  Requires the ability to operate, maneuver and/or control the actions of equipment, machinery, tools, and/or materials used in performing essential functions.
Verbal Aptitude:  Requires the ability to utilize a wide variety of reference, descriptive, advisory and/or design data and information.
Mathematical Aptitude:  Requires the ability to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; ability to calculate decimals and percentages; may include ability to perform mathematical operations with fractions; may include ability to compute discount, interest, and ratios; may include ability to calculate surface areas, volumes, weights, and measures.
Functional Reasoning:  Requires the ability to apply principles of influence systems, such as motivation, incentive, and leadership, and to exercise independent judgment to apply facts and principles for developing approaches and techniques to resolve problems.
Situational Reasoning:  Requires the ability to exercise judgment, decisiveness and creativity in situations involving the evaluation of information against sensory, judgmental, or subjective criteria, as opposed to that which is clearly measurable or verifiable.
Physical Ability:  Tasks require the ability to exert light physical effort in sedentary to light work, but which may involve some lifting, carrying, pushing and/or pulling of objects and materials of light weight (5-10 pounds). Tasks may involve extended periods of time at a keyboard or work station.
Dexterity:  Requires the ability to perform simple movements requiring moderate coordination, such as those required to operate office equipment or computer equipment.
Sensory Requirements: Some tasks require the ability to perceive and discriminate visual cues or signals. Some tasks require the ability to communicate orally.
Environmental Factors: Essential functions are regularly performed without exposure to adverse environmental conditions.

Preferred Qualifications

See Minimum Qualifications

Position Description

Under limited supervision, the purpose of the position is to provide administrative/managerial support associated with coordination of the Business Administration: Human Resources Management Program or other assigned academic program, and to conduct instruction in program courses. Employees in this classification perform educational, supervisory, and administrative work. Position is responsible for assisting in planning and coordinating the academic program, developing program objectives or budgets, supervising activities of one or more instructors or other workers, and coordinating availability and functionality of distance education courses. Position is also responsible for planning and administering courses, preparing lesson plans and educational materials, providing guidance to students, participating in professional and extracurricular activities, and processing related documentation. Performs related work as directed.

Is responsible for administering the Business Administration: Human Resources Management (HRM) program for the Business Administration Department.  Duties include developing and evaluating goals; ensuring the adherence to all accreditation requirements; communicating with individuals in the community to determine needs to be met by program; formulating and administering the budget; and determining need for and recruiting faculty.
Schedules courses; recommending texts, audio-visual equipment, etc. for student use; developing and maintaining an admissions process; developing, evaluating, revising, and updating courses for the HRM program; maintaining learning outcomes; developing, updating, and maintaining curriculum materials; scheduling the courses; developing outreach courses; seeking, negotiating, and evaluating training sites for use by the program; planning, developing, and administering a marketing program; preparing, updating, and publishing the HRM student handbook and the HRM newsletter; etc.
Performs such supervisory duties as instructing; assigning, reviewing, and planning work of others; maintaining standards; coordinating activities; allocating personnel; acting on employee problems; administering employee evaluations; and selecting new employees.  Oversees and directs the work of student helpers. 
Teaches assigned HRM courses.  Will be expected to teach online, evening, and weekend classes. Performs related administrative and record keeping duties such as evaluating textbooks; preparing lesson plans, course syllabi, handouts, tests, etc.; gathering resources for class; conducting class; arranging and conducting field trips, arranging for guest speakers, scheduling clinical experiences for students; conducting critiques of students' work; grading assignments; maintaining files; making transparencies; etc.  Prepares and/or completes various reports and forms related to classes including curriculum reports, end-of-semester reports, grade reports, rolls, etc. Reviews and evaluates the retention rates in the BUS courses. 
Coordinates availability and functionality of distance education courses; coordinates distance education enrollment and ensures accuracy of online courses; ensures availability of on-campus faculty contacts for online students; troubleshoots problems involving course delivery to students or faculty; provides coordination and oversight to ensure accuracy of FTE reports reflecting student data from online courses; reviews and calculates FTEs as reported in class rosters and attendance records.
Performs various student-related duties including advising students; assisting students with class registration; counseling with students; planning, scheduling, organizing, and conducting orientation programs for prospective HRM students; assisting students with career and study skills; assisting students in seeking employment; writing letters of recommendation; coordinating graduation activities with students; etc.  Completes various student forms such as withdrawals, registration, drop/add, and credit by examination.  Designs and/or develops a graduate database, a graduate questionnaire, and a graduate newsletter.
Develop a marketing plan for the HRM program.  Identify and market the program's core strengths and goals to the community so that the program is able to compete effectively in attracting high-quality students. Implement activities which will increase the enrollment in the HRM program.
Remains active in professional organizations and activities.  Maintains a current knowledge and awareness of new technologies, methods, trends, and advances in the profession by reading professional literature; maintaining professional affiliations; and attending conferences, workshops, and training sessions as appropriate.
Serves on various committees and organizations for the college; selects and coordinates the HRM advisory committee members and meetings.
Seeks additional funding for the HRM program through grants and other external sources of funding.
Maintains files of instructional and administrative materials.
Conducts or assists with special projects as assigned.
Receives, reviews, processes, files and/or submits a variety of documents and reports such as attendance report, grade sheets, evaluation forms, teaching schedule, professional development forms, annual objectives, marketing plans, book orders, various other forms, memos, and general letters of correspondence.
Operates a personal computer, general office equipment, audio/visual equipment, teaching supplies, hand tools, or other equipment as necessary to complete essential functions, to include the use of word processing, spreadsheet, database, graphics, desktop publishing, e?mail, Internet, or other computer programs; coordinates and/or performs basic maintenance of computer system and office equipment, such as backing up data or replacing paper, ink, or toner; coordinates service/repair activities as needed; maintains records for upgrading of faculty equipment.
Communicates with supervisor, employees, other departments, college officials, faculty, staff, students, vendors, the public, outside agencies, and other individuals as needed to coordinate work activities, review status of work, exchange information, resolve problems, or give/receive advice/direction.
Performs general/clerical tasks, which may include answering telephone calls, typing documents, entering data into computer, making copies, sending/receiving faxes, distributing documentation, or processing incoming/outgoing mail; performs light housekeeping tasks associated with setting up, cleaning, or maintaining classrooms and work areas.
Provides assistance to other employees or departments as needed.
Provide assistance with global education initiatives.
Performs related duties as directed.