Instructional Lab Coordinator, Req.#5025

Instructional Lab Coordinator, Req.#5025


Central Piedmont Community College
1201 Elizabeth Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28235
Phone: 704-330-2722

Job Location

Central Campus


$38,268 - $58,211


Full Time - State of NC

Job Category

  • Professional

Application Period

Opens: Monday, September 19, 2022
Closes: Sunday, October 9, 2022

Target Start Date

Monday, October 10, 2022

Expected Work Hours

40 hours per week

Reports to

Associate Dean, Skilled Trades

Employment Type

Full-Time 12 Months

Minimum Qualifications

Associate Degree in Interior Design, Architecture, or related field and two years of experience.

Preferred Qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree in the discipline or related field and two years of experience.

Position Description

Interior Design is designed to prepare you for a variety of job opportunities in the fields of both residential and non-residential interior design. Interior designers are trained to create highly functional, comfortable, safe and aesthetically-pleasing environments inside commercial and residential buildings.

The successful candidate will plan and coordinate laboratory activities to support instructional programs and provide tutorial services to students.


General Function

Plans and coordinates laboratory activities to support instructional programs and provide tutorial services to students.


Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities

1.  Oversees lab operations and identifies and notifies the Division Director of potential challenges and problems.  Trains and supervises activities for students in a lab setting, and assists students with lab assignments and related problems.

2.  Makes recommendations regarding practices and procedures within the lab and maintains up to date MSDS documents of all chemical and hazardous materials that students and faculty are exposed too.

3.  Monitors and initiates orders for necessary supplies and consults with Division Director and instructional office assistant regarding purchase requisitions and budgets.  Also maintains weekly inventory records so that supplies do not run out. 

4.  Supervises industry related certification testing and keeps annual accreditation status current by monitoring all documents, quality manuals, and procedures and assures continuous compliance. 

5.  Researches and advises Division Director of equipment needs and maintains current quotions on needed machines in the event that funds become available for capital equipment purchases.

6.  Maintains a complete accounting and inventory of equipment within the lab and monitors condition of equipment so that projections can be made on future needs and can be budgeted appropriately.  Collaborates with inventory control on status and location of equipment and initiates the disposal of out dated and non-functional inventory. 

7.  Operates and trains other personnel, both students and faculty, on the safe use of and routine maintenance of equipment. 

8.  Trains and supervises part time lab facilitators on lab practices and procedures, assigns tasks as needed. 

9.  Troubleshoots and repairs or coordinates repairs performed by vendors and verifies that repaired equipment is safe to release back into service. 

10.  Prepares facility for classes and ensures that work areas are clean and neat; ensures that equipment, materials, and handouts are laid out for classes. 

11.  Monitors inventory of materials and supplies, initiates ordering process as needed. 

12.  Other duties as assigned. 

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Characteristics

*  Supervisory skills 
*  Knowledge of laboratory procedures 
*  Ability to work well with individuals with diverse background


How to Apply

Qualified applicants should apply to:


Central Piedmont is committed to equal employment opportunities.


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