Instructor for Histotechnology

Instructor for Histotechnology


Vance-Granville Community College
200 Community College Road
Henderson, NC 27536
Phone: 252-492-2061

Job Location



Starting at $40,371 annually ($4486 monthly) based on education and experience.



Job Category

  • Instructional (Faculty)

Application Period

Opens: Monday, December 3, 2018
Closes: Saturday, January 19, 2019

Target Start Date

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Expected Work Hours

Typically 8am-5pm (may vary dependent upon college needs)

Reports to

Program Head/Instructor of Pharmacy Technology

Employment Type


Minimum Qualifications

1. Bachelor’s Degree from a regionally accredited college or university.
2. Histotechnician (HT) and Histotechnologist (HTL) Certification ASCP current certification required.
3. Minimum of three years experience in the discipline required.

Preferred Qualifications

1. Experience with assessment of student learning outcomes.
2. Experience with the completion of a self-study and interim report for NAACLS.
3. Experience with distance learning and/or alternate instructional delivery systems.
4. Experience providing clinical supervision.

Position Description

• Assist in initiating, setting goals and leading the program including the design of the organizational structure and coordination of all instructional activities within the program.
• Make recommendations to the program Heads/Department Chair and the Academic/Campus Dean concerning the development and expansion of courses and/or the program and the supervision of any expansion.
• Teaches classes as assigned.
Collaborate with Program Heads and Academic Deans regarding course assignments per semester.
• Create and maintain course documents such as syllabi, objectives, tests, etc. The course syllabi must be submitted for review to the Program Head and Academic Dean each semester.
• Conduct class, lab, and/or clinical according to established meeting patterns.
• Notify the Program Head and Academic Dean of any changes to class, lab and/or clinical days and/or times.
• Update Moodle course page to use in course prior to start of semester.
• Communicate with students via Moodle as appropriate per course design (enhanced, hybrid or online).
• Provide feedback to students regarding course progression.
• Record attendance and grades via WebAdvisor in accordance with semester deadlines.
• Collaborate with the Program Head and Academic Dean to resolve any student issues (academic, attendance, behavior, cheating, plagiarism) and program issues as soon as possible. Report all occurrences in Starfish.
• Assess student learning outcomes and demonstrating the use of the results to make improvements to course/program.
• Maintain suitable class records which show student membership hours, academic progress, student grading systems, etc.
• Recommend adoption or discontinuance of textbooks and/or other instructional supplies and equipment to the Program Head and Academic Dean.
• Recommend new books, magazines, materials and equipment for use in the LRC to Academic Dean (as appropriate).
• Create appropriate course documents, such as syllabi, objectives, tests, lesson plans, etc. to be reviewed.
• Maintain a minimum of five posted office hours per week for student conferences. These hours may be extended at the discretion of the Academic Dean during registration.
• Regularly participate as a member of assigned institutional committees and attend scheduled program/department meetings.
• Serves as a faculty advisor for assigned students in matters pertaining to an advisee’s academic progress, scheduling and related matters.
• Engages continuous in professional development.
• Performs community service activities. Participates in student recruitment efforts as directed.
• Experiments with new, innovative teaching techniques.
• Obtains and maintains certification in online delivery systems as required by the college.
• Demonstrates proficiency in technology required by academic program area and in administrative processes as required by the college.
• Work in collaboration with the Program Head to explore opportunities for program growth.
• Be an active participant of the National Society of Histotechnology and the North Carolina Society of Histotechnology.
• Provide support for growth, guidance and leadership for instructors who report to this position. 
• Assumes other duties as assigned by the Program Head and Academic Dean.

How to Apply

Job Post Contact

Vance-Granville Community College

Human Resources Department

252-492-2061 Ext. 3440