Instructor, Psychology

Instructor, Psychology


Fayetteville Technical Community College
2201 Hull Road
Fayetteville, NC 28303
Phone: 910-678-8400

Job Location

Main Campus


Compensation varies on experience and qualification


Full Time Benefits

Job Category

  • Instructional (Faculty)

Application Period

Opens: Friday, January 13, 2023
Closes: Friday, January 27, 2023

Target Start Date

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Expected Work Hours


Reports to

Becky Howell

Employment Type

Full Time

Minimum Qualifications

• Master’s Degree in Psychology or closely related field with at least 18 graduate hours in Psychology.
• Must meet minimum SACS criteria and the minimum criteria of other pertinent accrediting, licensing, and credentialing agencies in the area of teaching assignment.
• Willingness and ability to teach face-to-face classes, online asynchronous, and online synchronous classes.
• Willingness and ability to travel and work at multiple campuses or offsite locations as necessary, including teaching high school students at the high schools as needed.
• Flexibility to teach morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend classes as needed.
• Understanding of assessment and continuous improvement.
• Experience with Microsoft Office and/or Google Workspace, spreadsheets, presentation and collaboration apps and software.

Preferred Qualifications

• Two (2) academic years of teaching experience.
• Three (3) or more academic years of teaching experience in a community college.
• Experience teaching hybrid, online, and/or multimodal courses.
• Experience with distance learning technologies.
• Experience with multi-cultural pedagogy and demonstration of developing multi-cultural curricula.

Position Description

An instructor is a member of faculty in an academic department and team that supports student achievement and success from recruitment through graduation and beyond, advancing equitable economic mobility, personal empowerment, and transformed communities. An instructor conducts college courses at appropriate quality for undergraduate students as assigned by the Department Chair and approved by the Dean. The instructor facilitates the learning process by designing and implementing appropriate, meaningful, and equitable instructional activities, and by drawing from the scholarships of teaching and learning and cultivating a supportive learning environment that allows students to think critically and experiment. The instructor evaluates student learning by creating and implementing well-designed assessment tools. Additionally, the instructor participates in curriculum development, mentoring of students, helps students connect with academic and non-academic supports services as needed, and engages in institutional service, professional development, and other duties assigned by the Department Chair and Dean. The instructor also keeps accurate records pertaining to students and adheres to all institutional policies and procedures.

Teaching and Learning
• Assume responsibility for teaching assignments as recommended by the Department Chair and approved by the Dean.
• Facilitate the learning process by designing and implementing inclusive instructional activities that are appropriate and meaningful and that maximize equitable student outcomes.
• Adhere to the departmental course guidelines and ensure that content includes program, state, and SACSCOC-approved competencies.
• Assume responsibility for accurately maintaining all required college records, including attendance and grade reports.
• Compile resources of specialized materials for outside reading assignments.
• Assess student learning using appropriate modalities.
• Appropriately utilize learning management system tools as required by the college and/or department.
• Maintain, review, and update course descriptions, objectives, and syllabi for courses of instruction.
• Incorporate inclusive content and work to eliminate discriminatory and exclusionary content from curriculum.
• Intentionally design learning experiences that extend beyond facilitating classroom instruction and assist students in achieving course, program, and degree outcomes.
• Make recommendations to Department Chair for selection of supplies, equipment, equipment repairs, textbooks for courses of study, and the scheduling of classroom and laboratory facilities.
• Embrace Forsyth Tech’s mission, vision, equity statement, and core values.

Student Success
• Proactively connect with students to provide mentoring and coaching to achieve academic and career goals.
• Contribute to student success as a part of the care team for each student.
• Provide practical suggestions to students to improve academic performance.
• Encourage students to discuss and share academic problems and brainstorm solutions.
• Support students by listening to concerns, providing moral support, identifying and addressing problems, and connecting with support services.
• Learn, utilize, and maintain proficiency with program requirements and tools, including the college’s student success portal, computer information system, and learning management systems among others.
• Attend training sessions, workshops, conferences, and professional meetings.
• Maintain appropriate student hours in accordance with school policies.
• Participate in departmental activities related to revising and updating the program(s) and the development of new courses in the area of expertise.
• Engage in curriculum and program development that incorporates current educational theories and research.
• Enhance student academic success initiatives to improve completion, retention, and equity of success in instructional areas of the college.

Contributions to Community
• Work as part of a cohesive, innovative, and high-performing team.
• Serve on action teams, councils, and other college work groups as required.
• Make constructive contributions to the shared vision of the college by engaging in work groups and shared leadership across campus.
• Actively participate in student recruitment, engagement, retention, and completion efforts.
• Maintain contact with specialized vocations where applicable.
• Pursue public relations opportunities and use these to promote the college and the department.
• Assist in planning and conducting advisory committee and/or business leadership team meetings.
• Represent the college and program at recruiting events as needed.
• Understand the strengths and growth opportunities of the communities that the college serves.
• Responsible for working with the College’s Educational Partnerships team to recruit students into programs within their divisions.

Continuous Development
• Develop a professional development plan for approval by the supervisor and participate in those professional development activities that are approved.
• Maintain current licensure, certification, or other professional credentials required for position.
• Maintain membership and participation in professional organizations.
• Pursue continuous improvement in the areas of subject matter expertise; teaching and learning; the use of educational technology; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and other areas related to the strategic goals of the college.
• Read professional literature to remain informed of the latest research aligned with their work and connected to higher education.
• Keep abreast of current technology required by the college.

Build a Culture of Belonging:
• At Forsyth Technical Community College, equity is grounded in a culture of belonging. We will intentionally design the college experience to ensure each learner has what they need to be successful.
• Foster diversity, equity and inclusion in the classroom and among your team.
• Pursue continuous improvement in the areas of subject matter expertise; teaching and learning; the use of educational technology; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and other areas related to the strategic goals of the college.

Job Post Contact

Forsyth Technical Community College
Main Campus - Allman Building
2100 Silas Creek Parkway
Winston-Salem, NC  27103
Phone: 336-734-7302
Fax: 336-761-2309