Lead Instructor Truck Driver Training Program

Lead Instructor Truck Driver Training Program


Central Carolina Community College
1105 Kelly Drive
Sanford, NC 27330
Phone: 919-775-5401

Job Location

Sanford, NC


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Job Category

  • Instructional (Faculty)

Application Period

Opens: Wednesday, November 10, 2021
Closes: Friday, December 31, 2021

Target Start Date

Monday, January 3, 2022

Expected Work Hours

40 Hours Weekly

Employment Type

Faculty 12M

Minimum Qualifications

Required educational background:

Minimum HS Diploma/GED


Required kind and number years of work experience:

A current CDL License with all endorsements necessary to operate a Class A vehicle for which training is to be provided and  at least 2 years of experience driving a Class A vehicle. 


Meet the North Carolina State CDL qualifications (Have not been convicted of a felony, or convicted of a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude, in the ten years immediately preceding the date of application, not had a revocation or suspension of his driver’s license in the two years immediately preceding the date of application, not have had convictions for moving violations totaling seven or more cumulative points within three years of the date of application). 


Other Requirements: 1) Driver-specific application for employment (§391.21); 2) Original motor vehicle record (MVR) requested from state(s) within 30 days of hire (§391.23); 3) Road test or road test exception: • Road test form and certificate conducted by your motor carrier (§391.31(g)), or • Road test certificate conducted by another motor carrier within the past 3 years (§391.33(a)(2)), or • Photocopy of a CDL accepted in lieu of road test – not applicable if hired to operate doubles, triples, or tankers. (Note: No subsequent copies of license renewals required.) (§391.33(a)(1)); 4) Background investigations (§391.23): Drivers hired before October 30, 2004: General employment verifications sent to all former employers for the 3 years prior to the application date or a record of a good faith effort; or q Drivers hired on or after October 30, 2004: Safety Performance History data from all former DOT-regulated employers for the 3 years prior to the application date or a record of a good faith effort. This form must be maintained in accordance with §391.53 (secured, limited access) and may be in a separate Driver Investigation History File; and if applicable, any driver rebuttals to the Safety Performance History data and responses to the rebuttals from the former DOT-regulated employers. 5) The following documents are to be included in the DQ file for three years from date of execution: • Medical certificate or MVR showing that driver is medically certified (§391.43(g)): • Medical exam certificate, original or a copy, for all non-CDL drivers; or • Medical exam certificate, original or a copy, kept for up to 15 days, until the • CDL/CLP driver’s MVR can be obtained, showing current medical certification status; or • Current MVR showing CDL/CLP driver’s medical certification status. • If applicable, documentation of any variance, exemption, or waiver from the physical qualification standards (§391.51(b)(7)); • Verification that medical examiner was listed on National Registry (for exams conducted after May 20, 2014) (§391.51(b)(9)); • Annual motor vehicle record (§391.25); • Annual review of driving record (§391.25); and • Annual list of violations from driver (§391.27). • The DQ file and Driver Investigation History file must be retained for 3 years after a driver leaves your employment. 6) The following documents are also required and kept in the DQ file, but are not applicable to all drivers: • Longer Combination Vehicle (LCV) Driver-Training Certificate (§380.401); and • Entry-level driver training certificate (§380.509(b)).


Required knowledge, skills and abilities:

Must possess KSA’s required to provide oversight of a regional CDL Training program including, but not limited to curriculum design/delivery, equipment management and maintenance.


Required license or certificate: 

CDL required

Preferred Qualifications

  • Teaching experience at the community college or four-year college. On-line teaching experience - Full or Part Time 

Position Description

At Central Carolina Community College, we create transformative lifelong learning opportunities! We expect all employees to find ways to remove barriers to student success and provide all students a pathway to achievable dreams. Our employees are charged to recognize the challenges we face and to respond to them with empathy, understanding, and a willingness to help.   

The purpose of this position is to counsel and instruct students in a professional manner and appearance. Proficient in skills as they relate to operations of over-the-road, commercial motor vehicles. Prioritize workload and maintain organized records. Work well under pressure and take initiative. Utilize the computer in daily operations. Meet and confer with individuals and groups concerning a variety of subjects including confidential matters. Knowledge of effective teaching concepts. Knowledge of current school laws and state and federal regulations. Provide quality customer service to students, faculty, and staff. Lead Instructor will supervise part-time/adjuncts for the Regional Truck Driver Training Collaborative between Central Carolina, Randolph and Sandhills Community Colleges.  This employee will be responsible for researching and recommending programs of study for transportation/distribution/logistics across the three-college collaborative and perform teaching, administrative and managerial work.  Responsibilities include student recruitment, recruitment of Instructors, planning and implementing the assignment of instructors to training sites, training instructors, and planning and revising the curriculum materials and standards.  The position maintains relationships with the North Carolina Trucking Association, NC Department of Motor Vehicles, and assures meeting Federal Motor Carrier standards.  


Incumbent will be housed at Central Carolina Community College.  Position may be required to travel between service regions of Central Carolina, Sandhills, and Randolph Community Colleges.

Diversity Policy:  Central Carolina Community College believes the college experience is greatly enriched through diversity; therefore, the college encourages diversity of thought within the student body and staff. Furthermore, the college seeks to promote awareness of diversity and the respect for all individuals, and the college pledges to adhere to this mission in its relationship with the community.    

Salary depends on education and experience.
Vocational Diploma, Certificate salary range:  $50,108-$63,708
Associates Degree salary range:  $50,804-$63,708
Bachelor's Degree salary range:  $53,827-$67,427
Master's Degree salary range: $56,509-$70,055
Doctoral Degree salary range: $60,376-$73,976


Essential Duties


  • Assist the Coordinator with the implementation of the Collaborative Truck Driver Training Program across the three Community College service areas
  • Research, recommend, and implement programs of study for transportation, distribution, logistics across the collaborative
  • Manage and direct Day-to-day operations of Truck Driver Training Program across the collaborative service areas
  • Create and oversee class schedules for day, night, and weekend classes
  • Teach classes 4-6 hours per week
  • Create and lead orientations at regional collaboratives (Sandhills & Randolph Community Colleges)
  • Train other instructors in all areas of job performance
  • Recruit and advise new students
  • Hire, train, and evaluate new employees
  • Supervise and assign instructional staff for all classes at each college
  • Assess equipment suitability as well as ongoing repair and replacement needs
  • Remain abreast of new professional developments and opportunities for truck driver training
  • Write, assess, and revise curriculum
  • Maintain relationships with the NC Department of Motor Vehicles and regional partners
  • Build and maintain relationships with industry partners and employers in all three service areas
  • Maintain all administrative records and files for past graduating classes
  • Act as a third-party examiner for CDL and maintain all CDL records
  • Administrator of Drug and Alcohol for federal enforcement
  • Budget Development and Oversight

Job Post Contact

Central Carolina Community College Human Resources

1105 Kelly Drive, Sanford, NC  27540

(919) 718-7493