Librarian, Sr. (Library Services), requisition number 3693

Librarian, Sr. (Library Services), requisition number 3693


Central Piedmont Community College
1201 Elizabeth Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28235
Phone: 704-330-2722

Job Location

Central Campus 


L $47,817.00



Job Category

  • Professional

Application Period

Opens: Tuesday, September 10, 2019
Closes: Friday, September 20, 2019

Target Start Date

Monday, September 30, 2019

Expected Work Hours

Monday- Friday

Reports to

Central Campus

Employment Type

Full time

Minimum Qualifications

An ALA accredited master’s degree in Library Science, 3 years of library experience, including library instruction and progressively increasing supervisory responsibilities



Preferred Qualifications

• Demonstrated mastery of cataloging rules, standards, and tools such as RDA, FRBR, FRAD, LRCR, AACR2 rev., LCSH, LCC, Marc codes, OCLC formats, standards, and tools, and Authority Control software, format, and indexes.

• Demonstrated knowledge of trends and developments in the field such as, and Metadata standards and schema

• Demonstrated experience configuring ILS cataloging and serial modules, including customization of standard settings and templates

• Demonstrated mastery in using library computers and library-related software, and Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, and Outlook)

• Supervisory experience

• Ability to work well with individuals with diverse backgrounds

• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

Position Description

Librarian Senior position available on the Central Campus. 


Overview of Department:

Central Piedmont Community College Library is committed to supporting student, faculty and staff with the best possible information services at each of its seven (7) physical campus location, as well as with electronic services through its web site.  We directly support and strengthen teaching and learning by continually developing innovative student and learning-centered collections, services, and environments that lead to life-long educational development.  In support of this, our staff engages both deeply and broadly with the college community. Working for Central Piedmont offers a good combination of team-based projects and opportunities for individual work and professional development. The library will be opening a new state-of-the-art Central Campus Library in January 2022. New libraries have opened or will open at our Cato, Levine, Harper, and Merancas campuses.


Job Responsibilities: 

The Senior Librarian for Cataloging/Metadata will oversee cataloging operations, including original cataloging, and workflows for the cataloging area, as well as assist with the planning, coordination, establishment and implementation of procedural and policy changes and administrative directives for the Resource Services area. The position supervises and trains staff performing copy cataloging, serial checking/claiming, and physical materials processing. This position reports to the Assistant Director for Resource Services.


General Function

This position manages and administers library operations, provides and oversees reference, instructional and collection development activities, and provides supervision and support of full- and part-time staff. A Librarian Senior is expected to demonstrate and maintain competence in each of the following areas throughout their employment at the college.



Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities:

I. Mastery of Subject Matter

  1. Demonstrates a thorough and accurate knowledge of the field of library and information science.
  2. Accurately interprets and evaluates the theories of library and information science.
  3. Connects library and information science with related fields and the college curriculum.
  4. Stays current in their subject matter through professional development, through involvement in professional organizations, interlibrary organizations, and attending professional meetings, conference or workshops.
  5. Exhibits an evolving mastery with Microsoft Office products, integrated library systems and web-based technologies to enhance existing and create new public and internal services using technology.


II. Departmental Management

  1. Analyzes data and produces statistical reports; develops actionable goals and projects based on such reports.
  2. Engages in outreach to students, faculty, staff, and departmental/college administration.
  3. Oversees the marketing and promotion of library resources and services.
  4. Plans, organizes, and manages assigned projects.
  5. Supervises and develops ful-l and part-time staff assigned to functional area, campus, or project; monitors performance, reviews completed assignments, including development and administration of the PDP process.
  6. Resolves software and hardware issues through appropriate channels.
  7. Develops and administers budgets; manages supply and equipment needs.
  8. Determines appropriate staffing and scheduling for areas of responsibility or project.


III. Teaching Performance

  1. Plans, develops, and teaches library and information literacy instruction.
  2. Manages, organizes, and assesses a library instruction program that maximizes student learning and librarian effectiveness.
  3. Employs appropriate teaching and learning strategies to communicate library and information literacy skills to students.
  4. Modifies, where appropriate, instructional methods and strategies to meet diverse student needs.
  5. Ensures the development of information literacy skills through appropriate learning activities.
  6. Oversees the development of meaningful learning objectives for instruction sessions.
  7. Serves as primary point of contact with faculty regarding instruction classes.
  8. Develops and manages the use of instructional technology, when appropriate.


IV. Public Service Responsibilities

  1. Demonstrates thorough knowledge of print and electronic information resources.
  2. Provides high-quality reference services to students, faculty, and staff; assists patrons by handling complex inquiries, requests, and projects requiring independent judgment and in-depth knowledge in interpreting policies and procedures.
  3. Provides effective circulation services and training in circulation services and procedures, including reserves and media scheduling.
  4. Trains students, faculty, and staff in the use of library equipment and resources.
  5. Trains library staff in public services policies and procedures; serves as information resource to staff and library patrons.
  6. Maintains working knowledge of all public service points.


V. Technical Services Responsibilities

  1. Manages library materials budget.
  2. Manages technical services processes, including acquisitions, cataloging, and physical processing.
  3. Manages serials, electronic resources, integrated library systems, and web services, including set-up and troubleshooting.
  4. Develops and maintains vendor relations.


VI. Collection Development Responsibilities

  1. Develops collection in subject areas as assigned.
  2. Acts as liaison with faculty in assigned subject areas regarding collection development.
  3. Assesses effectiveness of collection areas and gift materials.
  4. Participates in program accreditation as necessary.
  5. Manages collection development, collection assessment, archiving and purging activities.
  6. Manages acquisitions processes, including use of P-Card and vendor/licensing negotiation.


VII. Support of College Policies and Procedures

  1. Provides library services as assigned in a multi-campus environment.
  2. Sets, interprets and enforces library and college policies.
  3. Ensures maintenance of confidentiality of student information by all staff.
  4. Exercises stewardship of college facilities and materials.


VIII. Participation in College and Division Activities

  1. Serves on college committees as assigned.
  2. Participates in meetings and events required by the college and library administrators.
  3. Responds in a timely fashion to information requests from college and library administrators.
  4. Mentors both part-time and full-time colleagues and facilitate professional growth.
  5. Provides leadership to library staff.
  6. Demonstrates strong interpersonal skills in communication with students, colleagues, staff and administrators as an individual or on a team.


IX. Contribution to the Growth and Enhancement of College Mission and Programs

  1. Maintains familiarity with college goals, mission and long-range plans.
  2. Contributes to planning and development processes through appropriate mechanisms and channels.
  3. Participates in professional activities that contribute to the educational goals of the college and its constituents.
  4. Perform professional responsibilities in accordance with pertinent goals, missions, and plans of the college and library services.
  5. Performs other duties as assigned.


Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Characteristics

Knowledge of library policies and procedures

Extensive knowledge and experience in database searching, internet searching, library-related software and Microsoft Office programs

Excellent communication, interpersonal and organization skills

Leadership and supervisory skills

Ability to work well with individuals with diverse backgrounds

How to Apply

Please apply online at

CPCC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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