Medical Programs Coordinator Chatham County

Medical Programs Coordinator Chatham County


Central Carolina Community College
1105 Kelly Drive
Sanford, NC 27330
Phone: 919-775-5401

Job Location

Pittsboro, NC


$48,659.00 - $63,959.00 Annually



Job Category

  • Professional

Application Period

Opens: Thursday, July 22, 2021
Closes: Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Target Start Date

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Expected Work Hours

40 Hours Per Week

Employment Type

FT Perm Staff

Minimum Qualifications

  • Associates Degree in Nursing, 
  • A Registered Nurse with an unencumbered license to practice in North Carolina,
  • The applicant has at least (2) years (4000 hours) of experience as a registered nurse.
  • The applicant has at least (1) year (2000 hours) of RN experience in the provision of long term care facility services in the United States demonstrated by:
  1. working in a long-term care facility licensed as a skilled nursing facility or a skilled nursing facility which is a distinct part of a hospital, or
  2.  supervising/teaching students in a long term care facility licensed as a skilled nursing facility or a skilled nursing facility or a skilled nursing facility which is a distinct part of a hospital.
  • Healthcare Provider CPR
  • Supervisory experience and proven ability to effectively supervise, manage, coordinate, evaluate, plan, and assess programs.
  • Proven oral, written, research and organizational skills, as well as presentation skills.
  • Proven ability to follow directions, work with little supervision, submit timely reports, and maintain confidentiality.
  • Above average computer skills to include proficiency in Microsoft Office programs.
  • Equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered 

Preferred Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in Nursing
  •  At least five years (10,000 hours) work experience as a registered nurse.
  • Experience and proven ability as a classroom instructor in health occupations programs.
  • At least three years teaching experience.
  • Knowledge of and/or experience in other health occupations fields offered at the college.
  • Experience with online instruction and use of Blackboard.
  • Detail oriented, creative and innovative.

Position Description

At Central Carolina Community College, we create transformative lifelong learning opportunities! We expect all employees to find ways to remove barriers to student success and provide all students a pathway to achievable dreams. Our employees are charged to recognize the challenges we face and to respond to them with empathy, understanding, and a willingness to help.  

The Medical Programs Coordinator is mandated by the North Carolina Division of Health Service Regulation (NCDHSR) for the supervision of Nurse Aide I programs. This position also implements, directs, and supervises all other short-term continuing education medical programs given at CCCC.  This position reports to the Director of Continuing Education Medical Programs.

This position requires ability to travel to all CCCC medical programs locations and clinical sites.  Work is performed in a classroom, laboratory and clinical environments with risk of exposure to blood-borne pathogens.

Diversity Policy:  Central Carolina Community College believes the college experience is greatly enriched through diversity; therefore, the college encourages diversity of thought within the student body and staff. Furthermore, the college seeks to promote awareness of diversity and the respect for all individuals, and the college pledges to adhere to this mission in its relationship with the community.     

Essential Duties


  • Embrace the institutional goals of Central Carolina Community College by engaging students as full partners in the learning process, removing barriers for student progression in medical programs, and supporting and assisting students in achieving their educational goals.
  • Foster an environment within Medical Programs that is positive, collaborative, supportive, and nurturing to all faculty and staff. Engage faculty/staff as team members and solicit input for area decisions.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of the changes in the healthcare industry as it relates to Medical Programs.
  • Actively participate in department, college or system meetings, and/ or committees.
  • Demonstrate the ability to prioritize effectively, make both short-term and long-term planning goals for the program, and meet deadlines consistently. 
  • Maintain accurate and complete records as required, submit timely reports, and ascertain that personnel being supervised do likewise.
  • Keep your supervisor advised of all matters pertaining to the department.
  • Notify supervisor when planning to be off campus during normal working hours.
  • Recruit and assist in the selection of faculty for Chatham County.
  • Teach the Nurse Aide I course twice a year.
  • Oversee/Supervise all department faculty in all Chatham areas of instruction including the following:
    1. Provide faculty with all college and instructional materials.
    2. Complete all necessary employment paperwork.
    3. Monitor class rolls for accuracy
    4. Collect class rolls within 3 days of class end and submit to supervisor.
  • Conduct an annual performance appraisal of all fulltime faculty.
  • Supervise and maintain an inventory of all departmental equipment, materials, and supplies.
  • Secure new clinical sites for Chatham County medical programs.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with representatives of the clinical sites in which students are placed.
  • Plan and conduct regular periodic Chatham faculty meetings and file minutes of each meeting with your supervisor.
  • Ascertain that all faculty keep their skills and knowledge current and develop new skills as demanded by the job market. 
  • Maintain current licensure file for each faculty member.
  • Build semester class schedules for all Chatham Medical Programs each semester.
  • Obtain Blackboard Level I and II training.
  • Complete the five-hour staff development requirement annually.
  • Submit records and forms in a timely fashion as required in the Continuing Education policy and procedures manual.
  • Coordinate student registration and delivery of NNAAP NA I Certification Examination.
  • Serve on college committees as assigned.
  • Actively participate in professional organizations.   
  • Maintain current industry credentials, including earning annual CEUs.
  • Be responsible for and perform other such duties as may be assigned.


This position is open until filled.

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