Nursing Program Director

Nursing Program Director


Southwestern Community College
447 College Drive
Sylva, NC 28779
Phone: 828-339-4000

Job Location

Sylva, NC


Dependent on Education and experience


State Health Plan, life insurance,

Job Category

  • Executive/Administrative/Managerial

Application Period

Opens: Wednesday, July 20, 2022
Closes: Friday, August 19, 2022

Target Start Date

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Expected Work Hours

8 am - 5 pm Mon - Thurs, 8 am - 12 pm Fr

Reports to

Dean of Health Sciences

Employment Type

Full-Time Exempt Staff

Minimum Qualifications

Minimum Qualifications

Education and Experience          

  • Masters in Nursing from an accredited institution;
  • Education in teaching and learning principles for adult education, preferably through an MSN in nursing education or doctorate degree in Nursing with an education emphasis;
  • Two years clinical experience, prefer five years experience


Knowledge and Skills    

Two years full-time teaching experience in Board of Nursing approved program

Preferred Qualifications

Five years' clinical experience

Position Description

Statement of Primary Purpose

Provide administrative services related to Nursing program for faculty, staff and students.



Program Administrator, Staff, Exempt


Essential Functions and Responsibilities

  1. Provide leadership for the nursing department and RIBN program
  2. Provide direct supervision to full and part-time nursing instructors
    1. Assist in the development of course offerings and schedules
    2. Administer faculty workload policy
    3. Assist in recruiting and training of qualified instructors.
    4. Provide program orientation and support for new instructors
  3. Coordinate faculty development and ensure teaching effectiveness
    1. Perform periodic teaching observations on all faculty
    2. Provide formative evaluation of program faculty on a semester basis using observations and feedback from course evaluations
    3. Provide summative evaluations of program faculty on an annual basis using the college performance evaluation process
    4. Provide educational opportunities by leading or coordinating professional development for faculty
    5. Pursue funding institutional and/or external funding to support faculty development
  4. Direct compliance and reporting with the North Carolina Board of Nursing (BON)
    1. Serve as point of contact between the Nursing Program and the BON
    2. Ensure compliance with all BON requirements for the nursing program
    3. Collaborate with faculty to ensure accurate and complete reporting to the BON
    4. Demonstrate effective professional communication with the BON
    5. Maintain complete and organized records necessary to provide timely responses to the BON
    6. Meet all deadlines for reports and responses to the BON
  5. Coordinate and evaluate the nursing curriculum
    1. Ensure that curriculum meets BON standards
    2. Implement quality improvement measures to provide a quality, evidence-based nursing education
    3. Initiate curriculum updates and revisions.
    4. Ensure programs and courses are up-to-date, abreast of technology, and in compliance with state and national accreditation standards.
    5. Maintain updated and evidence-based teaching materials for faculty and students as required
  6. Provide instruction in the nursing program
    1. Maintain availability to faculty to facilitate teaching and interact with students
    2. Provide direct course instruction, guest lecturing, and/or faculty education (up to 25% time)
  7. Ensure program effectiveness
    1. Collaborate with faculty to establish program goals, action plans, and success criteria
    2. Collaborate with faculty and the Institutional Research and Planning Office to complete annual program review, outcomes assessment, and advanced planning document.
    3. Collaborate with faculty to develop and implement program improvement plans to provide a quality evidence-based nursing education to students.
    4. Advocate for the national accreditation of the nursing program


  1. Supports nursing faculty through a transformational leadership model that works alongside shared governance.
    1. Ensure that Nursing faculty members have the authority and responsibility for student admission, progression, and graduation requirements; and the development, implementation, and evaluation of the curriculum as required by the BON
    2. Hold regular meetings with nursing faculty and maintain open-door access
    3. Develop and maintain vision and mission statements for the nursing program
    4. Develop and articulate core values for the nursing program
    5. Develop and maintain Nursing Faculty Manual
  2. Administer college and nursing program policies
    1. Collaborate with faculty to maintain the Nursing Student Handbook
    2. Manage student discipline and academic issues in accordance with established college and program policies.
    3. Identify trends that demonstrate ineffective policies/interventions and collaborate with faculty to make improvements
  3. Direct nursing student selection and advising
    1. Coordinate the student selection process ensure faculty engagement in the admission of qualified nursing classes
    2. Act as primary advisor for all nursing and pre-nursing students.
    3. Develop and support faculty advisors for nursing and pre-nursing students
    4. Incorporate Appreciate Advising to facilitate effective student advising
  4. Manage budget formation/control/expenditures for the Nursing Program
    1. Collaborate with faculty to prepare and submit annual budget request
    2. Order supplies, materials, software and equipment
    3. Monitor budget to control expenditures and identify interim budget needs
    4. Coordinate with internal departments such as the Library, Information Technology, and E-Learning to ensure appropriate resources are purchased and maintained to support the Nursing Program.
  5. Represent the nursing program in the college community
    1. Serve on college committees as assigned
    2. Foster collaborative relationships with other health science programs
    3. Coordinate student selection with the Admissions Department.
    4. Collaborate with Grant Writer and SCC Foundation to develop program resources
    5. Keep supervising Dean of Health Sciences informed of program developments and needs
  6. Engage community and professional partners in support of the nursing program
    1. Maintain program advisory committee and hold annual meetings
    2. Collaborate with the Clinical Coordinator in the establishment and maintenance of clinical sites
    3. Engage with the Associate Nursing Directors as a program resource and advocacy group.
    4. Collaborate with four-year institutions to facilitate baccalaureate completion options for nursing graduates
  7. Maintain Professional Competence:
    1. Maintain Nursing License
    2. Engage in ongoing professional development in nursing, education, and leadership
    3. Maintain competence in the appropriate use of simulation technology in nursing education
    4. Stay abreast of educational tools used in the nursing program including but not limited to Examsoft, Moodle, ATI, Proctortrac, Colleague, OnBase, etc.
    5. Maintain membership in appropriate professional associations
  8. Perform other duties as assigned.


Leadership Characteristics

  • The program director should continually strive to exemplify effective leadership by:
  • Acting as a change agent in solving challenges and implementing improvements
  • Exhibiting and maintaining fairness and integrity in all aspects of work
  • Inspiring, mentoring, coaching, and supporting the nursing employee team
  • Leading by example though lifelong learning and personal goal attainment
  • Promoting innovation and questioning status quo
  • Denying self-interest for the improvement of the team, students, community
  • Cultivating relationships with students and faculty through an approachable and accessible workstyle
  • Ensuring zero tolerance for bullying, harassing, aggressive behavior, and threats, to faculty, staff, and students (In accordance with SCC policy)
  • Focusing on future goals and potential for our nursing program
  • Appreciating the individual potential and contributions of the nursing team members
  • Encouraging an inquisitive attitude and facilitating research to provide evidence-based answers to nursing education questions
  • Fostering flexibility through work-life balance for both faculty and students.


Minimum Qualifications

Education and Experience          

  • Masters in Nursing from an accredited institution;
  • Education in teaching and learning principles for adult education, preferably through an MSN in nursing education or doctorate degree in Nursing with an education emphasis;
  • Two years clinical experience, prefer five years experience


Knowledge and Skills    

  • Two years full-time teaching experience in Board of Nursing approved program. Leadership experience preferred.
  • Effective communication skills
  • The ability to work collaboratively and productively with students, faculty, and professional groups
  • The ability to engage and maximize a faculty teams’ capability and capacity:  putting the right people in the right positions
  • The ability to implement quality improvement measures
  • Ability to coordinate and execute courses, clinics, and simulations across campuses and clinical sites.


Physical Demands          

Ability to assist students in clinic sites.  Ability to utilize nursing equipment.


Licensing Requirement

Unencumbered North Carolina RN license and continuing education requirements

Valid Driver’s NC license


Working Conditions and Environment  

Typical campus environment.  Travel to clinical sites and training locations.  May work evenings and weekends as necessary.


Equipment Operation

Nursing Equipment, computer, phone, fax


This position description covers the most essential functions and duties associated with this position.  Other duties may be assigned by the President or appropriate supervisory personnel.  The College reserves the right to alter duties, responsibilities, conditions, working hours, and job title as necessary.


How to Apply

Apply on Southwestern Community College website:

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