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Sandhills CC, 3395 Airport Road, Pinehurst, NC


Salary Commensurate with Experience


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Job Category

  • Executive/Administrative/Managerial

Application Period

Opens: Wednesday, February 15, 2023
Closes: Monday, March 20, 2023

Target Start Date

Saturday, July 1, 2023

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Board of Trustees

Employment Type

Full-Time Position

Minimum Qualifications

An earned doctorate from a regionally accredited educational institution and a minimum of ten years of successful senior-level academic and/oradministrative experience is preferred. In lieu of an earned doctorate, a candidate must possess a minimal credential of a master’s degree from aregionally accredited institution and a minimum of ten years of successful executive-level administrative, management, or academic administrativeexperience. For all candidates, a commitment to student learning and success, experience in academic instruction, delivery of comprehensiveeducational services, or public or private sector enterprise experience is preferred. Candidates should have demonstrated administrative or executiveexperience in a comprehensive, complex educational institution and/or private organization. Other preferred qualifications include teaching experience,familiarity with current educational programs and associated technologies, fundraising, the “One College” model, and intercollegiate athletics.

Preferred Qualifications

Ideal Characteristics of the President

Background, Experiences, and Personal Skill Sets

The Presidential Search Committee and Board of Trustees, with input from and participation by employees and students within the institution andcitizens across Moore and Hoke counties, have identified and established ideal characteristics it desires in the next President. These characteristicsinclude a strong, broad background, rich and relevant education and related experiences, and personal skills that will enable a strong partnership withthe Board of Trustees, faculty and staff, and the community to seize and act upon the opportunities and meet and resolve the challenges that havecollectively been identified that SCC will face.

The next President must be a collaborative partner with the SCC Board of Trustees in the development of College policies, have and communicate to theBoard a clear understanding of emerging trends in higher education and their impacts upon SCC, and bring forward internal challenges faced by theinstitution and external threats posed against SCC by economic conditions, legislative actions, or other entities. The 7 President should be a seasoned,collegial executive who will seek input from faculty and staff in decisionmaking, understands the evolving challenges of the rural communities thatSCC serves, and will be focused upon the educational success and economic well-being of Moore and Hoke counties. The ideal characteristics of thenext President include:

• Strong, Professional Educational Leadership – Has worked in and understands the complexity of higher education, either as an educator and/oreducation administrator, with experience in instruction, student services, or economic development. Has working knowledge of educational policies andpractices. Understands strategic planning and can articulate the College’s mission, vision, and purpose. Ensures that the mission, vision, and purpose areall properly aligned. Will build a team of leaders who are committed to the College and its academic quality and student success. Discovers newopportunities amidst institutional challenges, is assertive and resilient, leads with strength, integrity, and honesty and supports SCC’s core values.

• Approachable, Collaborative, and Personable – Has personality such that administrators, faculty, staff, and community members feel comfortableapproaching the President, even with uncomfortable educational or institutional matters. Has an open-door attitude and practice, which facilitates clearcommunication. Enjoys working with diverse communities and populations, and is personable and charismatic. Has excellent emotional intelligenceskills.

• A Community-Minded Relationship Builder – Will become a vital and visible part of the College and broader two-county community. Will attendCollege and community events and activities and build support for SCC with both public and private governmental, civic, service, volunteer, and non-profit entities. Has a deep understanding of and interest in the business community, educational partners, and underserved populations and values theimportance of staying connected to the community.

• Is Innovative and Visionary – Has a willingness to incorporate fresh ideas and new ways of thinking into programming, management, and operations.Is adaptive to changes that positively impact students and the institution. Comfortable thinking outside the box and is an innovator. Is open-minded torecommendations made by faculty, staff, and community members. Is forwardthinking and has a curiosity for new practices and processes. Has madeand will make data-driven decisions surrounding student success models and practices. Introduces best practices and emerging trends impacting highereducation to the Board, faculty, and staff in efforts to grow and update SCC’s services.

• Frequent and Transparent Communicator – Has accomplished oral, written, and listening skills. Can engage with the Board, employees, students, andmultiple communities in the two counties, both in writing and in person. Makes audiences feel as if they have a voice and have been heard in matters related to SCC. Communicates with diverse communities and groups about the work of and opportunities at SCC. Has experience communicating andengaging with elected officials, the military, community members, print media, and broadcast media.

Position Description

The President of SCC is hired by and is responsible to the SCC Board of Trustees. The fourteen-member Board follows the Principle of SharedGovernance in fulfilling its governance and fiduciary duties and in its relationship with the President. The President serves as the Chief ExecutiveOfficer of SCC. In this capacity, the President has responsibility for all SCC operations and fulfills these responsibilities under the supervision of, andconsistent with, policies adopted by the Board and as may be established by the North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges or in compliancewith state or federal statutes. The President provides clear and regular information and counsel to the Board related to academic programs, studentsupport and success activities, financial affairs, and property and facility matters. In addition, the President communicates with the Board aboutsubstantive policy issues, trends in higher education, institutional opportunities and challenges, operational risks and threats, and other matters thatcollectively enable the Board to govern the institution. The President’s primary responsibilities include moving the institution forward, consistent withand toward fulfillment of its mission, core values, and goals; promoting excellence in teaching and learning; and providing management of andoversight for the program of intercollegiate athletics. With regard to the administration of the institution, the Board has also delegated to the Presidentauthority to hire, direct, and develop SCC’s faculty and staff. As such, the Board refrains from interfering in the selection of institutional personnel,daily operations of SCC, or other matters unrelated to fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities. Shared governance is also practiced by the President withSCC’s faculty and staff by enabling them to participate, when appropriate and through channels, in the decision-making process. The President promotes professional development of the faculty and staff and encourages their participation in peer engagement activities, when they are related totheir work of service to students and the community. The President also has a duty to serve as an ambassador and advocate for SCC, fostering thepublic’s trust in the College and securing public and private resources required to support instructional excellence, comprehensive student engagementand success, and community connection and involvement with the institution. To that end, the President serves as an ex-officio member of the SandhillsCommunity College Foundation, Inc. and serves on the Board of Directors as an ex-officio member. The President carries out his or her ambassadorialand advocacy duties by being visible, available, and engaged with community, civic, and cultural organizations throughout Moore and Hoke counties,and demonstrating SCC’s core values in every setting. In partnership with the SCC Foundation, the President solicits public and private resources toprovide student financial aid, facility improvements, and innovative programs and services at the College. The President also meets with educationleaders, local, state, and federal officials, corporate and economic development officials, and public service organizations to solicit their support and tocommunicate about and deliver SCC’s programs and services.

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Chreatha Alston, Senior Director of Human Resources