Program Accountability Specialist (Credit)

Program Accountability Specialist (Credit)


Rockingham Community College
215 Wrenn Memorial Road
Wentworth, NC 27375
Phone: 336-342-4261


Commensurate with experience and education



Job Category

  • Professional

Application Period

Opens: Wednesday, June 10, 2020
Closes: Monday, August 31, 2020

Target Start Date

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Expected Work Hours

M-Th 8 am-5 pm; F 8 am-3 pm

Employment Type

Full-Time Staff

Minimum Qualifications

Associate Degree in Business Administration or Office Administration or related field or associate degree and work experience in an educational setting; minimum two years administrative office experience, to include customer services experience in an educational setting; minimum one year of documented experience in generating and maintaining accurate reports using Microsoft Office software.

Excellent interpersonal skills; ability to communicate appropriately with faculty and the campus community.

Treats others respectfully and creates a workplace environment of high integrity and professionalism

Skill in problem solving and working in a team environment.

Skill in record-keeping, including the ability to establish and maintain electronic and hard copy filing system.

Skill in task organization and prioritization.

Excellent computer skills, including database, spreadsheet, and work processing applications.

Flexible work schedule.

Preferred Qualifications

Experience and knowledge of Data Management Systems utilized by NCCCS to include data entry, date extraction.

Position Description

Under the supervision of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA), the Program Accountability Specialist (Credit) maintains all aspects of credit program of study management, including record management and accountability processes in accordance with North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) procedures and per State Board Community College Code (SBCCC). The Program Accountability Specialist (Credit) position serves as the primary interface with the NCCCS program coordinators in the maintenance of RCC programs of study.  This position provides support in the planning and development of curriculum programs and expertise in the NCCCS application process and associated curriculum standards. This position is responsible for the timely completion and accuracy of the academic course schedule and classroom scheduling.

The individual will work with the Program Accountability Specialist (non-Credit) to coordinate all accountability responsibilities related to data provided to NCCCS for funding purposes

Program of Study Maintenance

  • Enter each curriculum program of study into Colleague annually
  • Ensure each curriculum program of study complies with its NCCCS curriculum standard
  • Verify accuracy of each program of study with degree audit
  • Verify accuracy of each program of study with catalog of record
  • Maintain up-to-date course information in Colleague and catalog of record
  • Maintain required documentation for the NCCCS curriculum standards including combined course library.
  • Collaborate with the Chair of the Curriculum Committee to implement procedures and processes related to curriculum development, including advising faculty and curriculum committee on guidelines related to program development per NCCCS curriculum standards.
    • Sets an annual meeting schedule that provides an appropriate approval timeline, locally and at the state-level, that ensures all approvals are made prior to the catalog deadline
    • Review proposals to ensure requested change(s) keeps program of study in NCCCS compliance with the curriculum standard
    • Perform final review with the appropriate division dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs prior to curriculum committee meeting
    • Distribute electronic proposals, including supporting documents, to the curriculum committee membership
  • Facilitate all communications with NCCCS program coordinators, director of Academic Programs, and Compliance Reviewer.
  • Provide guidance to faculty, coordinators, department chairs, deans and vice presidents relevant to documentation and the SBCCC code.
  • Advise and assist department heads in making curriculum changes to their programs
  • Provide oversight to ensure requested changes comply with the NCCCS curriculum standard
  • Coordinate the completion and submission of NCCCS documents, if needed

Curriculum Course Scheduling

  • Coordinate, prepare and submit the academic calendar
  • Create timeline for divisional submission of semester course offering information
  • Develop mechanism for the submission of semester course offering information – planning spreadsheets, etc.
  • Enter curriculum semester course schedule from provided course offering information in Colleague
  • Ensure course offering information adheres to Combined Course Library guidelines
  • Ensure accuracy of course and term census, add, and drop dates.
  • Identify room conflicts prior to the start of each semester
  • Work with program leadership to resolve any room conflicts prior to the start of each semester.
  • Maintain the credit schedules by editing and processing schedule changes, additions and creating new class sections during the registration period.

New Program Development

  • Assist with assessing the need for the new programs
  • Coordinate committee meetings for program development at the local level and program planning at the state level
  • Assist program leadership with necessary data for the NCCCS program application – employment data, interest survey data, etc.
  • Ensure the program of study for the new program adheres to the NCCCS curriculum standard
  • Assist program leadership with the NCCCS program application

Compliance Review and Reporting

  • Assist with the documentation required for compliance review and other audits.
  • Establish and maintain an accurate system of compiling all credit documentation for the semester Institutional class reports and audit procedures/reports.
  • Coordinate, prepare and submit the credit semester Institutional Class Reports to the NCCCS.
  • Coordinate, prepare, and submit the Space Utilization report to the UNC-Higher Education Facilities Commission.
  • Maintain master room charts and coordinate scheduling of instructional facilities and other requests for credit and non-credit classes.
  • Process and maintain compliance review reports and make adjustments when necessary based on SBCCC. Findings will be adjusted on the Institutional Class Reports.
  • Coordinate Duplication report

Workforce Development Support

  • Prepare certificates for non-credit students
  • Create non-credit schedule information for the Public Information Office (PIO)
  • Process student refunds on non-credit courses
  • Create non-credit pre-registration lists
  • Assist with non-credit payroll, instructor contracts and timesheets
  • Assist with non-credit semester ICR reports.
  • Serve on college committees, participate in staff development activities and professional organizations
  • Assist the Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Perform other related duties as incidental to the work described herein
  • This position description covers the most essential functions and duties associated with this position.  Other duties may be assigned by the President or appropriate supervisory personnel. The College reserves the right to alter duties, responsibilities, conditions, working hours, and job title as necessary.

How to Apply


Job Post Contact

Joy Chappell
Director of Human Resources
(336) 342-4261, ext. 2265