Program Coordinator, Accounting and Finance

Program Coordinator, Accounting and Finance


Forsyth Technical Community College
2100 Silas Creek Parkway
Winston-Salem, NC 27103
Phone: 336-723-0371

Job Location

Main Campus


Compensation varies on experience and qualification


Full Time Benefits

Job Category

  • Instructional (Faculty)

Application Period

Opens: Tuesday, August 30, 2022
Closes: Friday, September 30, 2022

Target Start Date

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Expected Work Hours


Reports to

Tony Emetu

Employment Type

Full Time

Minimum Qualifications

• Master’s degree or higher in Accounting or related field with 18 credit hours of accounting
• Willingness and ability to travel and work at offsite center locations as necessary, including teaching high school students at the high schools as needed.
• Willingness and ability to teach face-to-face classes, online asynchronous, and online synchronous classes. 
• Flexibility to teach morning, afternoon, evening, online, and weekend classes as needed.
• Ability to work in a diverse environment.
• Experience with Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office and/or Google Workspace, spreadsheets, presentation and collaboration apps and software.

Preferred Qualifications

• Accounting certification (CPA or CMA).
• Experience teaching in higher education.
• Experience with distance learning technologies.
• Knowledge and experience with de-escalation techniques.

Position Description

Divisional Administration
• Assume responsibility for the structure as well as the daily operation of the program/discipline, including organization, administration, periodic review and evaluation, continued development, and general effectiveness.
• Assume a leadership role in the continued development of the program/discipline, including an ongoing process for periodic and systematic review of program effectiveness together with methodology for program revision based on the results of these reviews.
• Make recommendations to Department Chairperson for selection of supplies, equipment, equipment repairs, textbooks for courses of study, and the scheduling of classroom and laboratory facilities.
• Approve requests for supplies, equipment, and instructional materials as appropriate.
• Assure the availability of supplies, equipment, and instructional materials to program faculty.
• Recommend and approve textbooks for adoption and supplementary materials for acquisition to the Department Chairperson as appropriate.
• Work with the college bookstore and textbook publishers to order appropriate course materials.
• Assist the Department Chairperson in the preparation and supervision of departmental program/discipline budgets.
• Compile resources of specialized materials for outside reading assignments.

Teaching and Learning
• Assume responsibility for teaching assignments as recommended by the Department Chair and approved by the Dean.
• Facilitate the learning process by designing and implementing inclusive instructional activities that are appropriate and meaningful and that maximize equitable student outcomes.
• Adhere to the departmental course guidelines and ensure that content includes program, state, and SACSCOC-approved competencies.
• Assume responsibility for accurately maintaining all required college records, including attendance and grade reports.
• Compile resources of specialized materials for outside reading assignments.
• Assess student learning using appropriate modalities.
• Appropriately utilize learning management system tools as required by the college and/or department.
• Maintain, review, and update course descriptions, objectives, and syllabi for courses of instruction.
• Incorporate inclusive content and work to eliminate discriminatory and exclusionary content from curriculum.
• Intentionally design learning experiences that extend beyond facilitating classroom instruction and assist students in achieving course, program, and degree outcomes.
• Embrace Forsyth Tech’s mission, vision, equity statement, and core values.

Faculty Development
• Recommend instructors’ teaching assignments to the Department Chairperson.
• Support new instructors and assist in orienting them to the job’s responsibilities and to the College’s operations and policies.
• Recruit, recommend for employment and supervise part-time instructors,
• Assists with interviews and recommends for employment and mentor full-time faculty.
• Work with Human Resources in the hiring process to complete all paperwork for new part-time instructors.
• Assist in employee evaluation through classroom observation as requested by the Department Chairperson.
• Communicate new and updated policies as needed.
• Coordinate interdepartmental goals to ensure alignment with college goals and vision.
• Coach and provide ongoing performance feedback to employees, set realistic and measurable performance goals and ensure employees have appropriate professional development opportunities.
• Effectively manage performance and assist employees to meet established College standards and expectations.
• Provide leadership of assigned team, lead efforts in recruitment, interviewing, and training employees; plan, assign, and direct departmental work.

Student Success
• Proactively connect with students to provide mentoring and coaching to achieve academic and career goals.
• Contribute to student success as a part of the care team for each student.
• Provide practical suggestions to students to improve academic performance.
• Encourage students to discuss and share academic problems and brainstorm solutions.
• Support students by listening to concerns, providing moral support, identifying, and addressing problems, and connecting with support services.
• Learn, utilize, and maintain proficiency with program requirements and tools, including the college’s student success portal, computer information system, and learning management systems among others.
• Attend training sessions, workshops, conferences, and professional meetings.
• Maintain appropriate student hours in accordance with school policies.
• Participate in departmental activities related to revising and updating the program(s) and the development of new courses in the area of expertise.
• Engage in curriculum and program development that incorporates current educational theories and research.
• Enhance student academic success initiatives to improve completion, retention, and equity of success in instructional areas of the college.

Contributions to Community
• Work as part of a cohesive, innovative, and high-performing team.
• Serve on action teams, councils, and other college work groups as required.
• Make constructive contributions to the shared vision of the college by engaging in work groups and shared leadership across campus.
• Actively participate in student recruitment, engagement, retention, and completion efforts.
• Maintain contact with specialized vocations where applicable.
• Pursue public relations opportunities and use these to promote the college and the department.
• Assist in planning and conducting advisory committee and/or business leadership team meetings.
• Represent the college and program at recruiting events as needed.
• Understand the strengths and growth opportunities of the communities that the college serves.
• Responsible for working with the College’s Educational Partnerships team to recruit students into programs within their divisions.

 Continuous Development
• Develop a professional development plan that for approval by the supervisor and participate in those professional development activities that are approved.
• Maintain current licensure, certification, or other professional credentials required for position.
• Maintain membership and participation in professional organizations.
• Pursue continuous improvement in the areas of subject matter expertise; teaching and learning; the use of educational technology; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and other areas related to the strategic goals of the college.
• Read professional literature to remain informed of the latest research aligned with their work and connected to higher education.
• Keep abreast of current technology required by the college.

Build a Culture of Belonging
• At Forsyth Technical Community College, equity is grounded in a culture of belonging. We will intentionally design the college experience to ensure each learner has what they need to be successful. 
• Foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in the classroom, among the team, with students and colleagues.
• Pursue continuous improvement in the areas of subject matter expertise; teaching and learning; the use of educational technology; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and other areas related to the strategic goals of the college.
• Maintain confidentiality and security of sensitive information.

How to Apply

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Forsyth Technical Community College
Main Campus - Allman Building
2100 Silas Creek Parkway
Winston-Salem, NC  27103
Phone: 336-734-7302
Fax: 336-761-2309