Program Coordinator of Engineering, Physical Sciences

Program Coordinator of Engineering, Physical Sciences


Forsyth Technical Community College
2100 Silas Creek Parkway
Winston-Salem, NC 27103
Phone: 336-723-0371

Job Location

Main Campus


Compensation varies on experience and qualification


Full Time Benefits

Job Category

  • Instructional (Faculty)

Application Period

Opens: Tuesday, August 30, 2022
Closes: Friday, September 30, 2022

Target Start Date

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Expected Work Hours


Reports to

Kirsten Williford

Employment Type

Full Time

Minimum Qualifications

• Earned Master’s degree in Engineering or closely related field with at least 18 graduate hours in Engineering
• Two (2) academic years of training or teaching experience
• Willingness and ability to travel and work at multiple campuses or offsite as necessary, including teaching high school students at the high schools as needed
• Flexibility to teach morning, afternoon, and evening classes as needed
• Understanding of assessment and continuous improvement
• Experience with appropriate technology including Microsoft Office and/or Google Workspace, spreadsheets, presentation and collaboration apps and software

Preferred Qualifications

• Experience teaching high school student
• Experience teaching in a community college
• Experience teaching hybrid, online, and/or multimodal courses
• Understanding of and commitment to the unique mission and vision of Forsyth Tech
• Demonstrated academic supervisory, leadership and/or project management

Position Description

The Engineering Program Coordinator is a full-time instructor who is given administrative release time to support student achievement and success from recruitment through graduation and beyond, advancing equitable economic mobility, personal empowerment, and transformed communities.
The Engineering Program Coordinator conducts college courses at appropriate rigor for undergraduate students as assigned by the Department Chair and approved by the Dean. The Program Coordinator will facilitate the learning process by designing and implementing appropriate and meaningful instructional activities. The Program Coordinator will also evaluate student learning by creating and implementing well-designed assessment tools. Additionally, the Program Coordinator will participate in curriculum development, advise students, and engage in institutional service, professional development, and other duties assigned by the Department Chair. The Program Coordinator will also keep accurate records pertaining to students and adhere to all institutional policies and procedures.

In addition to carrying out the duties of an Instructor, the Program Coordinator provides coordination, oversight and leadership for the assigned academic program or discipline. The Program Coordinator is also responsible for program development, equipment and facilities, personnel, and financial responsibilities. A Program Coordinator will be assigned a teaching load in his/her field of expertise under the approval of the Department Chair and Divisional Dean.

Divisional Administration
• Assume responsibility for the structure as well as the daily operation of the program/discipline, including organization, administration, periodic review and evaluation, continued development, and general effectiveness.
• Assume a leadership role in the continued development of the program/discipline, including an ongoing process for periodic and systematic review of program effectiveness together with methodology for program revision based on the results of these reviews
• Adhere to all institutional policies and procedures.
• Make recommendations to Department Chairperson for selection of supplies, equipment, equipment repairs, textbooks for courses of study, and the scheduling of classroom and laboratory facilities.
• Participate in departmental activities relative to revising and updating the program(s) or discipline and with the development of new courses in the area of expertise.
• Engage in curriculum and program development that incorporates current educational theories and research.
• Actively engage advising principles to support students in the fulfillment of their educational and career goals.
• Participate in department, division, and college-wide advising and registration activities.
• Learn, utilize and maintain proficiency with program requirements and tools of advising and learning management.
• Approve requests for supplies, equipment, and instructional materials as appropriate
• Assure the availability of supplies, equipment, and instructional materials to program faculty
• Recommend textbooks for adoption and supplementary materials for acquisition to the Department Chairperson
• Work with the college bookstore and textbook publishers to order appropriate course materials
• Assist the Department Chairperson in the preparation and supervision of departmental program/discipline budgets
• Compile resources of specialized materials for outside reading assignments
• Embrace Forsyth Tech’s mission, vision, equity statement, and core values.

Teaching and Learning
• Facilitate the learning process by designing and implementing inclusive instructional activities that are appropriate and meaningful and that maximize equitable student outcomes
• Adhere to the departmental course guidelines and ensure that content includes program, state, and SACSCOC-approved competencies
• Assume responsibility for accurately maintaining all required college records, including attendance and grade reports
• Compile resources of specialized materials for outside reading assignments
• Evaluate student performance using appropriate modalities
• Appropriately utilize learning management system tools as required by the college and/or department
• Maintain, review and update course descriptions, objectives, and syllabi for courses of instruction
• Incorporate inclusive content and work to eliminate discriminatory and exclusionary content from curriculum
• Intentionally design learning experiences that extend beyond facilitating classroom instruction and assist students in achieving course, program, and degree outcomes
• Keep abreast of current pedagogy and best practices in the field
• Oversee the development of course descriptions and outlines
• Prepare materials for recommended curriculum changes
• Prepare annual curriculum course schedules
• Assess, prepare, and implement annual tactical goals
• Maintain confidentiality and security of sensitive information
• Enhance student academic success initiatives to improve completion, retention, and equity of success in instructional areas of the college.

Faculty Development
• Recommend instructors’ teaching assignments to the Department Chairperson
• Support new instructors and assist in orienting them to the job’s responsibilities and to the College’s operations and policies
• Recruit, recommend for employment and supervise part-time instructors,
• Assists with interviews and recommends for employment and mentor full-time faculty
• Work with Human Resources in the hiring process to complete all paperwork for new part-time instructors
• Assist in employee evaluation through classroom observation as requested by the Department Chairperson
• Communicate new and updated policies as needed
• Coordinate interdepartmental goals to ensure alignment with college goals and vision
• Coach and provide ongoing performance feedback to employees, set realistic and measurable performance goals and ensure employees have appropriate professional development opportunities
• Effectively manage performance and assist employees to meet established College standards and expectations
• Provide leadership of assigned team, lead efforts in recruitment, interviewing, and training employees; plan, assign, and direct departmental work

Contributions to Community
• Make constructive contributions to the shared vision of the college by engaging in work groups and shared governance across campus
• Actively participate in student recruitment, engagement, retention, and completion efforts
• Maintain contact with professional organizations
• Pursue public relations opportunities and uses these to promote the college and the department
• Assist in planning and conducting advisory committee meetings
• Represent the college and program at recruiting events as needed
• Understand the strengths and growth opportunities of the communities that the college serves
• Responsible for working with the College’s Educational Partnerships team to recruit students into programs within their divisions.

Growth Mindset
• Develop a professional development plan that is approved by your supervisor and participate in those activities that achieve approved professional development activities
• Maintain current licensure, certification, or other professional credentials required for position
• Maintain membership and participation in professional organizations, as applicable
• Pursue continuous improvement in the areas of subject matter expertise; teaching and learning; the use of educational technology; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and other areas related to the strategic goals of the college
• Reads professional literature
• Keeps abreast of current technology relevant to instruction, advising, program area, and required institutional practices
• Attend trainings, workshops, conferences, and professional meetings
• Attend all required department, division, and college-wide meetings
• Serve on committees as required

Build a Culture of Belonging:
· At Forsyth Technical Community College, equity is grounded in a culture of belonging. We will intentionally design the college experience to ensure each learner

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Forsyth Technical Community College
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Winston-Salem, NC  27103
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Fax: 336-761-2309