Security Officer

Security Officer


Stanly Community College
141 College Drive
Albemarle, NC 28001
Phone: 704-982-0121


Minimum starting salary is $38,096. Salary offered will be based upon credentials and experience.


Full-Time Benefits

Job Category

  • Professional

Application Period

Opens: Monday, November 25, 2019
Closes: Friday, February 21, 2020

Target Start Date

Friday, February 21, 2020

Expected Work Hours

Monday - Friday

Employment Type

Full-Time Position

Minimum Qualifications

  • Basic Law Enforcement Certification
  • Minimum 5 years work experience in the area of Law Enforcement
  • Candidate must be sworn officer.

Preferred Qualifications


Position Description

Delivers safety and security services which includes the implementation and administration of programs that assist the campus community in maintaining order, and/or improving the personal safety of the students, faculty, staff, guests and property of the College. 


  • Participate in programs that expand the College’s capacity to prevent, respond to, mitigate, contain and recover from emergencies;
  • Assist in training programs for all employees, both full time & part time;
  • Be aware and utilize a NIMS compliant incident command structures to support College Emergency Response Plan implementation, coordinating with outside response agencies.
  • Be an active member of the College safety committee;
  • Investigate all accidents and injuries occurring on the College property;
  • Serve as a source of information to College employees in matters relating to safety and security;
  • Provide effective safety and security instruction and transmit safety information to the College employees;
  • Make recommendations for facilities, equipment, personnel, and operation needs with regards to safety and emergency planning;
  • Make regular patrol rounds and safety checks. Attend to needs of campus.
  • Make proper crime reports and attend to calls of assistance by students, faculty, and staff.
  • Perform other related duties incidental on the work described herein

How to Apply

Please complete online application at

Job Post Contact

Ginger Hatley
Human Resources Specialist
Stanly Community College
141 College Dr.
Albemarle, NC 28001
Ph. 704-991-0132
Fx. 704-986-4778